DD Trans and Transport Gheys confirm their confidence in Transics

The advanced Quattro Plus on board computer opens up a huge range of new possibilities

DD Trans and Transport Gheys, two successful Belgian carriers, have recently decided to replace the Transics Laura on board computers in their vehicles, which have been in use for seven and nine years respectively, by the Transics Quattro Plus on board computer. With this move, the transport groups are consciously opting for an exceptionally advanced fleet management solution, including navigation, a direct connection to the CAN BUS and to the digital tachograph, on board Geofencing, etc. By resolutely selecting Transics, once again, DD Trans and Gheys confirm their confidence in one of the leading European suppliers of fleet management solutions.

DD Trans and Gheys are two recognized leaders in the Belgian transport sector. These family-owned companies with a fleet of ca. 200 and 150 vehicles respectively, succeed in setting themselves apart in the competitive transport market by superior customer-orientedness and flexibility. For years now, they have known that automation can be a great help. Transport Gheys has been a Transics customer from the very beginning: the company implemented its first Transics on board computer in 1998. DD Trans purchased its first Transics Laura back in 2000.

Efficient fleet management

Both companies have now exchanged the Laura on board computers for a yet more advanced Transics solution: the Quattro Plus. The solution’s integrated navigation, the Digitach Card Reader and the connection to the CAN BUS provide true added value. By equipping the vehicles with navigation, the drivers are guided to their destination rapidly and safely. The Digitach Card reader helps read out the tachograph driver card data remotely, thereby yielding a big timesaving for both the drivers and the home base. Finally, thanks to the direct connection of the Quattro Plus to the CAN BUS, a carrier can monitor a driver’s fuel consumption data and driving behaviour and, if required, make adjustments, which saves considerably on fuel.

On board Geofencing, comfort and faultless navigation

Another major advantage of the Quattro Plus is its broad on board Geofencing functionality, which informs the planner if a vehicle enters a certain region, among other things. The drivers, for their part, are very enthusiastic about the large, clear colour display, which greatly enhances the ease-of-use.

Most complete solution on today’s market

“DD Trans is continually investing in its staff, safety and services package in order to fuel its growth,” concluded Marc Lanckriet, managing director of DD Trans. “Transics has helped us perfectly to achieve these goals in the past. With the new Transics Quattro Plus we are now, figuratively speaking, moving into a yet higher gear. The new fleet management solution increases the comfort and the efficiency of our team, fosters a safer driving behaviour and optimizes our services delivery. We’re also confident that the Quattro Plus will help us to cut operating costs.”

Bert Gheys, IT Manager of Transport Gheys confirmed: “The name Gheys has been synonymous with superior services and flexible solutions for over a hundred years now. We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and customer-orientedness. Transics’ on board computers and software have been helping us with that for years now. Yet, before switching to the Quattro Plus, we had screened the market for the best solution. It soon became clear that Transics was streets ahead of its competitors: the Quattro Plus is the most complete solution on the market, with an eye for quality and detail.”

Confidence confirmed

“Transics’ remarkable geographic expansion in recent years is combined with sustained growth in its trusted markets, where we are welcoming new customers as well as winning new orders from existing customers. Transics is constantly striving to add new features to its solutions, so as to enhance our offering. The fact that existing customers, such as DD Trans and Transport Gheys, are gladly switching to these new solutions, confirms their confidence in our expertise,” said Walter Mastelinck, CEO of Transics.

Transics International develops and commercializes fleet management systems (on board computers, software and services) for the transport and logistics sector. With an installed base of over 40,000 on board computers, Transics is one of the leading European players in its sector. Headquartered in Ieper (Belgium), Transics is also active in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and in central Europe.

Established in 1984, DD Trans is a fast-growing carrier with a focus on container and trailer traction. The company manages a fleet of over 200 vehicles and 550 container chassis, plus 75 refrigerator trailers. In 1998, DD Trans started its international expansion with the establishment of regional offices in Venlo and Le Havre, in addition to its headquarters in Zeebrugge. These satellite offices manage various kinds of traffic from the German regions to the port of Rotterdam and French traffic to or from Ireland, which is shipped via Le Havre, respectively. www.ddtrans.be

Transport Gheys, with branch offices in Mol and Beringen, is now an international carrier, active in several transport sectors. Gheys’ fleet is composed of over 150 vehicles that are used for bulk and high-volume transport as well as for the shipment of general cargo. In order to provide its customers with added value, Gheys invested heavily in the further development of its logistics division and in two canal-side terminals, including storage facilities. www.gheys.com