Transics presents range of new applications

Transics International, one of the leading European players in fleet management solutions for transport and logistics companies, will be launching a significant number of new applications and products in 2008. Star of the show will be TOS NG – Transics’ new generation of fleet management software.

Over the past few years the transport and logistics sector has been working hard to professionalize its operations. Increasing globalisation, advances in technology and ever-changing legislation pose huge challenges to carriers and logistics providers. As a renowned expert in ICT solutions for the transport and logistics world, Transics keeps its finger on the pulse of trends and developments and proactively responds to them with powerful solutions that support its customers in their daily, complex activities. The many new applications and products that Transics will unveil at various trade fairs this year, testify to this proactive approach.

Greater transparency thanks to TOS NG – Transics Office Suite ‘New Generation’

Transics will, for example, be launching a radical upgrade of its successful Transics fleet management software. The Transics Office Suite New Generation (TOS NG) is based on Web 2.0 technology. This guarantees advanced possibilities for increased transparency, collaboration and interaction. A concrete example of a new feature is the Multi-fleet View, which allows shippers to gain a simultaneous view, on one single screen, of all trucks involved in their transport missions (own fleet, own carrier and possible subcontractors), so that they can perfectly monitor the current status of each mission. Equally innovative is the Role-based User Interface with Docking Navigator which permits complete screen personalisation: planners and dispatchers can indicate which information they want to display on their screens.

Efficient driver assistance

The new Transics software Version 17 will also comprise a number of innovative features. Thanks to Corridor Watch, for example, planners can define their routes in advance and make sure the driver remains in the predefined zone. If the latter should stray from that route, the planner will get a warning message. The Driving Time Saldo Viewer, for its part, will provide the planner with an overview of the remaining available driving time, in one single view. Another newcomer, besides the software Version 17, is the compact and intelligent Easy2Scan hand scanner.

Close collaboration with DIS

Delta Industrie Service, the French expert in driving time registration systems based on tachographs, has been collaborating intensively with Transics since its acquisition to develop versatile solutions to read out, archive and process digital tacho data. This close collaboration has resulted in the new Suite Visio Transics, which enables carriers to automatically calculate their drivers’ travelling expenses, on the basis of several indicators.

Innovation: a continual quest

“European carriers and logistics providers are increasingly interested in the latest trends and developments for their industry. And they are actively on the lookout for ways to support and optimise their complex activities”, said Walter Mastelinck, Transics’s CEO. “As one of Europe’s leading players in the market, Transics is ideally positioned to cater to those needs. The countless new applications that we plan to market this year, will demonstrate that innovation is a constant quest for Transics.”

Transics International, quoted on Euronext Brussels, develops and commercialises high-end fleet management solutions (on-board computers, software and services) for the transport and logistics sector. With an installed base of over 46,500 on-board computers, Transics is one of the leading European players in its sector. In addition to its headquarters in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active in 23 other European countries.