Transics embraces the concept of sustainable driving and joins fores with ‘Key Driving Competences’

Transics International, European market leader in high-end fleet management solutions, resolutely opts for ecological – and, consequently, economical – driving. Whereas the Transics solutions have been promoting economical and safe driving for some time already, they will now also be coupled to an innovative driving behaviour analysis tool developed by Key Driving Competences, a Leuven-based company. In addition, both players also act as active sponsors/collaborators to Eco-driving XL – a new initiative of Flanders’ environmental federation Bond Beter Leefmilieu to encourage eco-driving amongst truck drivers.

Transics’ fleet management solutions all have the same objective: help European transport and logistics companies work more (cost-)effectively, safely and eco-friendly. The TX-MAX on-board computer, for example, registers the drivers’ fuel consumption and driving behaviour, summarizing it in clear reports for post-trip analysis. Applications such as TX-Geofencing and TX-Navigation help carriers to avoid unnecessary kilometres, and the TX-To-CAN connection ensures detailed technical information about the truck engine. By permanently monitoring the driving behaviour, fuel consumption and technical performance, carriers and logistics providers can drive fuel costs down, cut carbon emissions and improve safety on the roads.

Unique training platform

To further foster ecologically sound and more fuel-efficient transport, Transics has recently decided to join forces with Key Driving Competences, a Leuven-based company that offers audits, training, coaching and tools to optimize the in-truck behaviour of professional drivers. Under the terms of the new cooperation, Transics and Key Driving Competences will integrate their tools for fuel consumption reporting and driving style analysis, respectively, into a unique training platform. In this way, a real-time link will be established between the systems of Transics and Key Driving Competences: the results of the driving behaviour analysis will be forwarded to the home base via the on-board computer. Pierre Pourveur, CEO of Key Driving Competences NV: “We are delighted that Transics, the market leader in fleet management solutions, shares our commitment to promote economic and safe driving. By combining our IT applications, we can advise carriers and logistics companies even better to work towards sustainable and safe driving behaviour.”

Van Dievel testifies: a 9.21% reduction in fuel consumption

That the approach Key Driving Competences and Transics are promoting, is bearing fruit, is proven by Van Dievel Transport. In line with its corporate philosophy, this carrier has equipped its trucks with a Transics fleet management solution. To optimize eco- and proactive driving among its drivers, Van Dievel co-operates closely with Key Driving Competences. “Thanks to our focus on eco-driving, we have experienced a sharp drop in our fuel consumption over the past few years. While in December 2005 we were still using 31.44 litres of fuel per 100 km, that amount had fallen to 28.54 litres in November 2008, which is a 9.21% decrease for the entire fleet,” said Louis De Wael, General Manager, Van Dievel Transport.

Eco-driving XL

A second recent Transics initiative to foster sustainable driving is the sponsoring of Eco-driving XL, a campaign of the Flemish federation of environmental organisations (Bond Beter Leefmilieu) supported by the cabinet of Kathleen Van Brempt, that will be launched during Truck&Transport 2009 (17-20 January). By providing useful tips, client testimonials and training, Eco-driving XL sets out to demonstrate to truck drivers how economical and defensive driving will cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions, whilst enhancing safety and driving comfort. As part of the marketing campaign, Key Driving Competences will be giving eco-driving guidance trips, in association with Bond Beter Leefmilieu. “Transport- and logistics companies that wish to manage their fleet effectively, can no longer circumvent the importance of eco-driving. As a leading supplier of fleet management solutions, Transics wishes to support its customers and all other hauliers on their road to eco-driving. The cooperation with Key Driving Competences and the sponsoring of Eco-driving XL are two logical steps in that direction, which we have taken with great enthusiasm,” concluded Walter Mastelinck, Transics’ CEO.

Key Driving Competences NV, set up in August 2005, provides services and systems to manage and optimize the driving behaviour of professional drivers and to improve their safety and work motivation. The services package, including audits, training events and coaching, is supported by an innovative telematics application to measure the driving attitudes.

Transics International NV, established in 1991, develops and commercialises high-end fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its sector. In addition to its headquarters in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe. The company has been quoted on the stock exchange (Euronext Brussels) since June 2007.