Transics, Krone and idem join forces to take a leading position on the European trailer telematics market

Transics now offers clients an all-in-one solution: telematics for both trucks AND trailers

Transics – a leading player in the high-end fleet telematics market – has entered into a strategic partnership with idem transport solutions, a forerunner in the field of trailer telematics. The partnership works in two ways. On the one hand, Transics will be the preferred commercial partner for idem’s high-end trailer telematics. On the other hand, idem will commercialise Transics’ low-end trailer telematics solutions. idem will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where Transics, with its European footprint, has a European scope. Krone, who is already installing, for 5 years, the idem trailer telematics solution, as the “Krone Telematik” solution in new trailers, supports the collaboration between idem and Transics, since this allows Krone customers to have access, all over Europe, to the same qualitative solution and support in the aftermarket.

While truck management and truck telematics were the major focus in the past, more and more transport and logistics companies realise that professional trailer management is equally important. Obtaining real-time data on the location, route, use, technical trailer data and condition of the cargo fosters an optimal fleet planning and maximal trailer use. Transics and idem address this need by offering European transport and logistics companies monitoring systems for trailers to meet their particular needs.

Twofold partnership: geographically and product-related

The Transics-idem agreement works in two ways. Firstly, it is an ideal opportunity for idem to strengthen its foothold in the aftermarket (existing trailers not equipped with a monitoring solution) and more specifically outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where Transics holds a strong position.
Secondly, the partnership enables Transics to extend its offering of high-end trailer telematics (commercialised under the names TX-MAGELLAN ROUTE, COLD and CARE), while idem will market Transics’ own low-end trailer solution TX-MAGELLAN GEO and TRACE. “idem and Transics share the same objective: helping carriers with the efficient day-to-day operation of their fleet to ensure that they gain a competitive edge,” said Peter Jendras, CEO of idem. “We’re glad to team up with Transics as our aftermarket preferred supplier.”

Market leaders teaming up

Krone, one of Europe’s leading trailer supplier, headquartered in Werlte (GE), who integrates and assembles idem’s trailer telematics solution during the manufacturing process into its trailers under the brand Krone T-Control, supports the cooperation between idem and Transics. “We want our products to be the most technologically advanced on the market already at the moment the trailer leaves our various manufacturing sites, while generating savings in operating costs and maintenance,” said Gero Schulze Isfort, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at Krone Group. “And we expect the same from our business partners. That is why we joined forces with idem. While we market idem’s solutions in combination with new Krone trailers or existing Krone trailers by retrofit kits, we very much welcome Transics as idem’s ideal partner for the aftermarket, so that our customers can enjoy the same quality and service in the aftermarket.”

Optimize truck AND trailer management

Transics will commercialise idem’s solution with enhanced features for temperature monitoring under the name ”COLD”. The ”CARE” solution is connected to the EBS to provide clear insight into the technical data related to the trailer’s speed, distance, braking system, etc. – for optimised trailer maintenance. Both will be integrated into the Transics TX-CONNECT back office software, so that existing Transics customers can monitor their trucks and trailers in the same IT environment. These trailer management solutions can also be used autonomously: companies who do not work with the Transics fleet management solution can visualise their trailers through the Transics’ trailer portal. “The preferred partnership with idem perfectly fits with our expansion strategy: by offering truck and trailer telematics, we help our customers further optimise their fleet,” concluded Walter Mastelinck, Transics’ CEO.

Idem transport solutions, located in Munich, Germany, was established in 2004 as part of idem GmbH, to provide transport operators with telematics solutions for temperature monitoring, trailer technical data management and cargo management. The company heavily invests in new functionalities that help its customers in the day- to-day operation of the fleet.

Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH, which is part of the 100 % family-owned Krone Group, manufactures a wide range of semi- and reefer trailers and swap bodies for any transport requirement. While the company is headquartered in Spelle / Emsland, Germany, the trailers are produced at four locations in Europe and sold through either owned daughter companies or independent representatives in all European countries, North Africa CIS and the Middle East.

Established in 1991, Transics International NV develops and commercialises high-end fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its market. Transics is headquartered in Ypres (Belgium) and is active throughout Europe. The company has been quoted on the stock exchange (Euronext Brussels) since June 2007.

Transics publishes Q1 2011 trading results

Q1 2011 revenues of €10.5 million, up 10% year-on-year

During Q1 2011, Transics generated revenues of €10.5 million – the highest first quarter revenues since 2009. Q1 turnover represents a 10%-increase compared to the same period in 2010. In our core markets of the Benelux and France, turnover grew 6.5% year-on-year to reach €7,815 million and revenues in our development markets increased by 20.0% compared to the same period in 2010 to reach €2,712 million.

Geographic expansion and renewal at existing customers

Transics enjoys a strong momentum in Italy, Poland and Scandinavia as illustrated by the deals closed with TINE in Norway for 300 TX-MAX on-board computers, Apport and Marcotrans in Poland for 110 OBCs or Fas Trasporti in Italy for 60 OBCs.

In its core markets, Transics continues to benefit from the renewal and upgrade cycles at its historical customers. In the first quarter, HSF Logistics Winterswijk (the Netherlands) and the Belgian carriers Kerfs Transport & Expeditie and MTL swapped their older Transics solutions for state-of-the-art TX-MAX on-board computers. Existing customers like Agencia Trota Transports (Spain) and Groupe Mousset (France) ordered extra Transics on-board computers (90 units in total) to install in new vehicles.

Focused R&D and successful product innovation

An additional driver for Transics’ good results is its permanent investments in R&D. In Q1, Transics launched a range of high-end and low-end trailer and asset management solutions, under the name TX-MAGELLAN. The new tools guarantee optimal fleet planning, while maximizing trailer usage. TX-MAGELLAN is a perfect add-on to Transics’ existing range of applications.

Transics customers perform better

During the 2011 Transport & Logistics Awards, a prestigious event that took place in Brussels on 10 February, eight Belgian customers of Transics have demonstrated that Transics fleet management solutions help them drive efficiency and boost their business. Internationaal Transport Gilbert De Clercq (Sint-Niklaas), a Transics customer since 2005, went home with the Truck ICT Award 2011; Norbert Dentressangle (Asse, Belgium) and Nicolas Charlier (Recogne, Belgium) were ranked No. 2 and No. 3 in that category. The Transport Safety Award 2011 went to Transics customer Vervoer Withofs (Lanaken), while Sandermans Vervoer (Mons) ranked second. In the category Green Truck Award 2011, Transics’ customers Tailormade Transport (Gent-Zeehaven) and Van Raemdonck Logistiek (Temse) finished second and third respectively. Finally, the award for HR Project of the Year 2011 went to DD Trans (Zeebrugge).

The outlook for 2011

Management is maintaining the guidance it gave at the end of 2010: revenues are expected to grow at a double-digit rate and EBITDA margin is expected to remain stable.

Transics International NV, established in 1991, develops and commercialises high-end fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its sector. In addition to its headquarters in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe. The company has been quoted on the stock exchange (Euronext Brussels) since June 2007.