TRANSALLIANCE equips 4,000 trailers with Transics solution for trailer management

TX-MAGELLAN GEO helps large French transportation group optimise its trailer usage

By the end of 2011, the European transportation group TRANSALLIANCE will have installed a Transics trailer management solution in all of its trailers. All the carrier’s trucks have already been equipped with a Transics on-board computer since 2002. By integrating the TX-MAGELLAN GEO trailer management solution, TRANSALLIANCE wishes to optimise the usage of its trailers, in order to work even more (cost-)effectively.

TRANSALLIANCE is an expert in road haulage and logistics solutions, boasting over 60 branches throughout Europe and a fleet of around 3,200 vehicles. Each TRANSALLIANCE truck is equipped with a Transics on-board computer, which is connected through the intranet with all the group’s IT programs. TRANSALLIANCE’s 2002 decision to integrate on-board computers fits into a global corporate strategy aimed at reducing operating costs, optimizing services and offering its customers solutions of the highest quality. In line with the same strategy, TRANSALLIANCE has now decided to purchase a trailer management platform.

Trusted supplier

The French transportation group owns around 4,000 trailers. It often relies on subcontractors to truck the trailers. “It is not always easy to retain a clear view of the trailers’ positions, especially if they are not coupled to a truck or are trucked by subcontractors. This lack of insight makes it hard to plan efficiently and deploy our available resources to the max,” said Alexandre Michel, TRANSIALLANCE’s CEO. On account of its successful past cooperation with Transics and the positive experiences with the Transics on-board computer, the group sought Transics’ advice when it was looking for a trailer management solution. A few weeks of testing were sufficient to convince Alexandre Michel that TX-MAGELLAN GEO was the solution they needed.

Real-time localization

TX-MAGELLAN GEO is part of the TX-MAGELLAN family – a series of autonomous trailer management solutions that Transics has been gradually rolling out onto the market since April. Thanks to its tracking and tracing features, TX-MAGELLAN GEO pinpoints the exact location of the trailers, whether they are coupled to a trailer or not. As planners know exactly which trailers are on the road or left unused, they can deploy their fleet to the max.

Simple and swift installation

TX-MAGELLAN GEO is a robust autonomous device, which is not connected to any other peripheral equipment. The GEO has its own battery – which guarantees its functioning for at least 4 years – and can therefore be mounted discretely in just a few minutes.

Confidence confirmed

“It is, of course, too early to talk about ROI and results, but we are confident the solution will help us work more effectively and reduce costs. By pinpointing the exact location of our trailers, we can now optimize the usage of each truck and raise our flexibility. In this way, we will also enhance our services,” Alexandre Michel explained.

“TRANSALLIANCE and Transics share the same mission: we are committed to understanding and analysing our customers’ needs, so that we can offer them structured, customized solutions that perfectly fulfil their project needs and aspirations. By offering the new TX-MAGELLAN range, we wish to help carriers take/retain an edge in this fiercely competitive market. We are glad that such a big player like TRANSALLIANCE is now also integrating these trailer management solutions, thus reconfirming its trust in Transics,” concluded Transics’ CEO, Walter Mastelinck.

TRANSALLIANCE specializes in designing and managing transport and logistics solutions on a European level. The group brings together over 80 companies, dotted around Europe. Thanks to its breadth of expertise in the design, management and operational implementation of transport and logistics solutions, TRANSALLIANCE can provide its customers with best-in-class services. A high performance fleet and branches throughout Europe ensure a smooth implementation of road haulage within France, around Europe and from Eastern to Western Europe, and vice versa.

Established in 1991, Transics International NV develops and commercializes high-end fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its market. Headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe. The company has been quoted on the stock exchange (Euronext Brussels) since June 2007.