Transics publishes Q3 2012 trading results

Q3 2012 revenues of €12.6 million, stable compared to last year

During Q3 2012, Transics generated revenues of €12.6 million; this is stable compared to the same period last year.

In our core markets of the Benelux and France, turnover decreased by 8% year-on-year from €9.5 million to €8.7 million in Q3 2012 and revenues in our development markets grew 26% from €3.1 million to €3.9 million in Q3 2012.

The contribution of the CarrierWeb activities decreased from €1.6 million to €1.4 million year-on-year.

The outlook for 2012

The company is maintaining the guidance it gave in August and confirms its revenue forecast for FY2012 at the revenue level of 2011 of €48.7 million and expects EBITDA to be in line with the EBITDA of 2011 of €10 million. The company expects to maintain the results of 2011 thanks to the full year impact of the results of the acquired business of CarrierWeb, which were only consolidated for 6.5 months in the 2011 results.

Transics International NV, established in 1991, develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its sector. In addition to its headquarters in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe. The company has been quoted on the stock exchange (Euronext Brussels) since June 2007.

Transics wins its 100th German telematics customer

Transics International NV, one of Europe’s leading providers of fleet management systems, has just welcomed its 100th German customer: the north-German Schmechel Transport GmbH. Heiko Janssen, sales manager of Transics Germany, announces that the German carrier, which specialises in shipping high-value consumer goods like food, pharmaceutics and cigarettes, has recently installed 170 latest-generation Transics TX-MAX on-board computers. The new telematics solution includes a complete DigiTach management system to monitor driving and resting times, read driver cards, remotely download the mass memory, etc.

To complement the telematics package, Schmechel Transport has also installed the comprehensive TX-ECO driving software, including extensive reporting features and a trailer tracer system with corresponding driver, truck and loading alarms to ensure the security of its sensitive cargo. Last but not least, the Schmechel solution includes TX-CONNECT MOBILE, an interface with the existing BNS transport software and TX-DOCSCAN for the real-time transmission of, e.g. freight papers to the office.

TX-CONNECT MOBILE is a user-friendly mobile version of the TX-CONNECT back office platform. This tool helps freight dispatchers log in easily and rapidly to TX-CONNECT on their smartphone or tablet (BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, etc.), where they can monitor the status and position of their vehicles every hour and exchange messages with the drivers. This possibility to log in without the more complex log-in procedure on their PC, reduces stress as well as communication costs. In addition, TX-CONNECT MOBILE allows carriers to check the status and position of their vehicles out on the road, at any time, and intervene if required.

Established in 1949 and headquartered in Bad Oldesloer, Schmechel Transport GmbH has a fleet of 150 own refrigerated trailers, all equipped with the latest refrigeration technology and double-deck trailer equipment to ensure the secure transport of its goods throughout Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East. As it ships high-value loads, it is crucial for the carrier to be able to rely on the best possible fleet management software as well as excellent back office and telematics systems.

Managing director Dirk Schmechel: “As an international road haulage freight forwarder, our core competency is secure and refrigerated transportation. We have a large vehicle pool, which is equipped with all the latest technology, to ensure the transportation of high-quality, sensitive and temperature-dependent goods – such as food and pharmaceutical products. On top of the technology, we can rely on a team of experienced, qualified employees. We employ around 165 drivers for freight forwarding, who are supported by an additional 30 colleagues at the back office and excellent technical services staff to ensure safe use of our vehicle pool.”

Established in 1991, Transics International NV develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and intensive cooperation with countless European customers, the telematics expert Transics has become a leader in its market segment. In 2011, Transics employed around 280 people and generated a turnover of circa EUR 50m. Headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), the company is active throughout Europe. Transics Germany has its headquarters in Cologne and regional offices in Hamburg and Munich. Heiko Janssen has been heading up the division in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2011. The TX-MAX on-board computer has, on account of its exceptional functionality, been named ‘Telematics Olympia Sieger 2012’ (Telematics Olympian Winner 2012) in a market overview by Prof. Dr. Heinz-Leo Dudek (DHBW – Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg) for trade magazine VerkehrsRundschau (VR 35/2012).

Wed. J. De Bruyn & Zonen (NL) equips trucks with Transics’ fleet management solution

Confident that Transics’ solutions will help raise efficiency, cut costs and boost sustainable image

Transics, the European leader in fleet management solutions, has signed an agreement with Wed. J. De Bruyn & Zonen, at its booth during the recent ICT & Logistiek trade fair. The Dutch logistics services provider will equip its entire fleet – 56 trucks – with TX-MAX on-board computers and TX-CONNECT back office software, which will be integrated into ORTEC TD – a software suite purchased just recently too. De Bruyn is confident that Transics will help raise efficiency and save costs, thus making its business more profitable. Moreover, the eco-driving functionality will reinforce its image as a sustainable, eco-friendly carrier.

De Bruyn & Zonen, which took over De Rijk Transport en Logistics in 2011, provides national and European transport and warehousing services. Boasting a fleet of 56 trucks and 100 trailers, the carrier employs 70 drivers and 4 freight planners, who ensure high-quality services. Until today, De Bruyn ran a Centric ERP package, including modules for administration, wage calculation, planning and fleet management. As the trucks did not feature on-board computers, freight planners and drivers communicated by phone. In its search for new ways to drive its competitive edge, De Bruyn decided to join forces with market leader Transics.

No more surprises

De Bruyn’s exceptional commitment to quality is reflected in, for example, the high-quality training courses it provides to its entire staff and its quality management system to ISO 9001, ISO 2000 and GMP standards. “Competition is fierce in our industry. So quality is crucial to retain an edge – as are cost management and efficiency. Transics can help us in all these fields. We believe that their solutions will generate a fast Return on Investment, by offering detailed insight into our costs, ensuring more meticulous planning in order to, e.g. reduce waiting times and avoid unpleasant surprises, and by boosting our sustainable image,” said Xavier Duyn, General Manager, Wed. J. De Bruyn & Zonen. “Equally interesting is that TX-CONNECT, Transics’ back office software, can be seamlessly integrated into the existing systems. For all these reasons, Transics helps us even better achieve our motto “Always on the road, Always on time”. And much more besides.”

Headquartered in Lopic (the Netherlands), Wed. J. De Bruyn & Zonen is a family business that supplies transport services within the Benelux, Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. The company is an expert in general cargo, fine-mesh distribution, bulk transport of dry goods, cement silo and long-haul transport, especially for construction, retail, chemical and general industries and sports. The De Bruyn fleet comprises 56 trucks and 100 trailers. In addition, the company also offers warehouse space. Wed. J. De Bruyn & Zonen employs 80 persons.

Established in 1991, Transics International NV develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Thanks to many years’ experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its market. Headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe.