End of Squeeze-out

Public announcement (English)

Transics International NV (Transics International) has taken note of the results of the simplified squeeze-out bid under Article 513 of the Belgian Company Code and Articles 42 and 43 read in connection with article 57 of the Royal Decree on Public Takeover Bids (which ran from 25 April 2014 until 16 May 2014), following the mandatory takeover bid launched by Wabco Europe BVBA (the Bidder) on all shares and warrants issued by Transics International that were not yet held by the Bidder or its affiliates.

These results show that 58,934 additional shares have been tendered into the simplified squeeze-out bid. The date for payment of the bid price for these shares is scheduled on 20 May 2014.

The 10,562 shares and 61,499 warrants that were not tendered into the mandatory takeover bid or the simplified squeeze-out bid are deemed to have been transferred to the Bidder by operation of law, with consignation of the funds necessary for the payment of their price to the Belgian Deposit and Consignation Office (“Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations”/”Deposito- en Consignatiekas”). The holders of these shares and warrants retain their right to receive EUR 14.14 per share and EUR 8.76 per warrant, but should contact the Belgian Deposit and Consignation Office in this respect, where the corresponding funds will be available for a period of thirty years.

Following the closing of the simplified squeeze-out bid, the Bidder and its affiliates hold a total of 8,108,587 shares and 61,499 warrants, representing 100% of the securities issued by Transics International.

The Transics International shares were automatically delisted from NYSE Euronext Brussels following the closing of the simplified squeeze-out bid.


Publieke aankondiging (NEDERLANDS)

Transics International NV (Transics International) heeft kennis genomen van de resultaten van het vereenvoudigd uitkoopbod krachtens artikel 513 van het Wetboek van Vennootschappen en artikelen 42 en 43 juncto artikel 57 van het Koninklijk Besluit op de Openbare Overnamebiedingen (dat liep van 25 april 2014 tot 16 mei 2014) volgend op het verplicht openbaar overnamebod dat werd uitgebracht door Wabco Europe BVBA (de Bieder) op alle aandelen en warrants uitgegeven door Transics International nog niet aangehouden door de Bieder of met de Bieder verbonden personen.

Hieruit blijkt dat 58.934 bijkomende aandelen werden ingebracht in het vereenvoudigd uitkoopbod. De datum voor betaling van de biedprijs voor deze aandelen werd vastgelegd op 20 mei 2014.

De 10.562 aandelen en de 61.499 warrants die niet werden ingebracht in het verplicht openbaar overnamebod en het vereenvoudigd uitkoopbod zijn geacht van rechtswege overgedragen te zijn aan de Bieder met consignatie van de fondsen die vereist zijn voor de betaling van hun prijs bij de Deposito- en Consignatiekas. De houders van deze aandelen en warrants behouden hun recht om EUR 14,14 per aandeel en EUR 8,76 per warrant te ontvangen maar dienen hiertoe contact op te nemen met de Deposito- en Consignatiekas, waar de overeenstemmende fondsen gedurende een periode van dertig jaar worden beschikbaar gehouden.

Ingevolge de afsluiting van het vereenvoudigd uitkoopbod bezitten de Bieder en de met de Bieder verbonden personen in totaal 8.108.587 aandelen en 61.499 warrants, zijnde 100 % van de effecten uitgegeven door Transics International.

De notering van de aandelen van Transics International op NYSE Euronext Brussels werd automatisch geschrapt bij afsluiting van het vereenvoudigd uitkoopbod.

FINSA chooses Transics, which strengthens its leading position in Spain as the market recovers

Transics, the fleet management expert, is happy to see the pick-up in the Spanish economy confirmed with new orders. Since the last quarter of 2013, several large Spanish companies have decided to equip their fleets with Transics’ fleet management solutions. One of them is FINSA, a leading manufacturer of wood-derived products, who will gradually equip 80 trucks with the TX-MAX GO on-board computer and Transics’ back office software, TX-CONNECT. The company praises the easy integration of Transics’ solution and confirms how Transics helps them raise efficiency, thus strengthening their position in the competitive market.

As a leading international group, FINSA relies on a quick and reliable logistics network: 480 vehicles – owned by mainly independent carriers – to ship its wood-derived products across Europe. The company had been considering for a while the possibility of incorporating a fleet management tool to improve its transport operations on the road, and wanted to implement a reliable aid that provides business benefits. After a thorough selection procedure, FINSA chose Transics’ fleet management solution for the following reasons: Transics’ many references in the sector, the outstanding quality of the solution (including the TX-CONNECT back office software) and the ample integration possibilities with the existing ERP solution. TX-MAX GO is being gradually integrated into 80 trucks that work for FINSA.

Intensive monitoring and enhanced planning

The expectations were high: FINSA wanted a solution that would help them improve the follow-up of its drivers’ location, status and driving times; ensure permanent communications and enhance the planning. Transics’ TX-MAX GO on-board computer and its TX-CONNECT back office software prove to be up to the job. Transics helps FINSA follow up the trucks, trailers and drivers, in real time. And the seamless integration of the Transics platform into the ERP system surely enhances planning and customer services. “The solution has greatly helped us automate processes too,” says Juan García Guiance, Coordinator of the Department of Road Transportation at FINSA. “We can now, for example, automatically send orders out of our planning tool, which provides us greater flexibility in the back office and improves the communications with the driver.”

Raise efficiency, cut costs

“We are delighted to welcome FINSA as a customer and experience how the Spanish economy is slowly recovering,” says Walter Mastelinck, CEO of Transics. “Transics offers just the right solutions to help carriers raise efficiency and cut costs. And that’s exactly what they need to keep an edge in the highly competitive transport market,” concludes Transics’ CEO.

Founded in 1931, FINSA is the oldest chipboard and MDF manufacturer in the Iberian Peninsula. Nowadays, the company produces a wide range of wood-derived products. With 13 factories, 18 sales offices across 9 countries and an experienced export department that currently works with customers in over 60 countries, FINSA is an internationally recognised leader in the wood industry. The group generated a turnover of 759 million Euros in 2012 and employs 3.216 people. www.finsa.es

Transics International NV, a WABCO company, was established in 1991. Transics develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Due to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become a European leader in its sector and is working on its global expansion. In addition to its headquarters in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe.