Rinnen relies on Transics telematics solutions to optimise processes

Today’s carriers can’t do without telematics solutions if they want to work efficiently. Telematics has become an invaluable work tool that helps them raise transparency and efficiency at different points of the logistics chain. Rinnen GmbH & Co. KG Internationale Spedition, a carrier headquartered in the German city of Moers, is convinced of the benefits of a telematics solution. The mid-sized logistics expert discovered telematics quite a while ago already. Today, it monitors and optimises the use of circa 200 tank semi-trailers with an advanced Transics fleet management solution.

So far, Rinnen has been experiencing the following productivity and, consequently, competitive advantages:

  • Lower telecommunications costs
  • Better deployment of drivers / vehicles
  • Route optimisation (reduced toll costs)
  • Asset monitoring (trailers)
  • Measurable and assessable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that help cut fleet costs
  • According to Rinnen, an integrated telematics solution is “an important internal IT support that ensures smooth processes, in every step of the value chain.” It provides information, supports the communication processes, helps the company take a competitive edge and provides insight (transparency) into fleet costs, as well as working, driving and resting times, thus helping carriers cut costs and work in full compliance with the prevailing legislation.

In addition, telematics solutions allow haulage firms to carefully monitor all transport processes and enable proactive communications with the customers. The direct communication between drivers and the back office further enhances safety and allows prompt reactions in case of incidents.

Rinnen’s telematics environment, where fleet data are collected and exchanged, is connected to the company’s Transport Management Systems (TMS) via interfaces, so that the fleet data can be seamlessly integrated into the master and transactional data. Speed, proper documentation and reliability are crucial in the transmission.

Carriers like Rinnen are facing multiple challenges every day. It is, for example, key to treat all customer orders just in time – which requires having the right resources in place –, while making optimal use of the vehicle fleet, i.e. deploy the vehicles and drivers to the max and ensure compliance with the prevailing legislation.

In addition, there are several more general challenges to cope with. The freight planning team, for example, always has to ensure that the right vehicle is used, with the right driver at the right time and in the right place. A time management solution can help the dispatchers deliver high-quality services.

Such solutions are based on a targeted, cost-effective planning of drivers and vehicles / trailers. Expense reports and the read-out of the tachograph data (driver card / mass memory) definitely help dispatchers save time and recourses. Customers also require details on their carrier’s CO2 emissions.

Benefits of telematics

For Rinnen, a seamless integration of the Transics telematics solution into its TMS is crucial. In addition, the carrier appreciates the stability of the hard- and software (robustness and high availability), as well as the various interface options for communication with the Transics on-board computer (in real time, via Web services).

The IT platform has a familiar application interface (Terminal-Server / Hosting). A unique workflow supports Rinnen’s processes and helps optimise them, for example through feedback from the driver and the vehicle. In addition, there are plenty of data analysis tools, including data analysis reports (e.g. ECO solutions with driving style reviews).

Other benefits of the telematics solution include better working conditions, an accurate monitoring and control of driving and resting times (real-time cost, easy legal compliance) as well as a more effective document management (drivers can e.g. scan documents in their cabin), with accelerated lead times.

Extensive added value

Michael Mehlhorn, IT manager at Rinnen: “Our telematics and affiliate solutions are firmly integrated into our processes and really crucial for our operations. We are committed to using the possibilities of the system to the max and want to further integrate the existing features into our processes to experience even more benefits, in the future. The system offers an extensive database which we can use for simulations and “what-if” analyses, so that we can identify trends in time and react rapidly.”

Mehlhorn explains that Rinnen decided to partner with Transics to cope with the rapidly changing market needs. The company chose Transics’ telematics solution via a tendering process, whereby all proposals were carefully analysed. Key criteria included a rapid installation in the Rinnen fleet, across Europe, and the solution had to be uniform, multi-language and hi-tech.

As a trusted partner, Transics will gradually equip Rinnen’s huge European fleet: over the next few years, over 3,500 tank containers and around 1,000 vehicles will be fitted with a Transics solution. Mark Griffith, Sales Manager, Transics Germany: “Transics has already installed many similar solutions, all aimed at helping customers achieve real economic benefits, throughout Europe. Rinnen will definitely benefit from the experience that we have amassed over the years.”

Background information:
Rinnen GmbH & Co. KG Internationale Spedition is a growing, pan-European expert in tank transport services. Established in 1943, the company has regional offices in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Hungary and works with agents in other countries. Rinnen is a member of the European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA) and ranks amongst Germany’s top 100 of logistics service providers (Fraunhofer SCS).

Transics International BVBA, a WABCO company, was established in 1991 and develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Transics is a global full solution provider of truck, driver, trailer, cargo and subcontractor management. Our solutions are the result of many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience. Transics, headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), has become a European leader in its sector and is active worldwide.

Post-Kogeko chooses Transics

The “swap & swipe” programme that fleet management expert Transics launched a few months ago, is proving to be a big success. Many logistics companies have recently decided to swap their existing CarrierWeb or Transics solutions for a new Transics system that includes the intuitive TX-SKY on-board computer. Post-Kogeko is one of them. The Dutch carrier replaced the CarrierWeb system in 300 of its trucks by a TX-SKY on-board computer, including the TX-FLEX add-on for mobile applications outside the cab. Post-Kogeko chose the new package on account of the many innovative features, the easy integration and the ease-of-use.

For over 30 years, Post-Kogeko has been an expert in transporting food products throughout the Benelux and the UK. To ensure that the food is delivered at the customers’ sites in time and in good condition, the logistics service provider has always believed in the power of state-of-the-art technology, both for its trucks and the back office. In line with that strategy, Post-Kogeko will soon replace its CarrierWeb on-board computers by Transics’ TX-SKY. In the back office, Transics’ online TX-CONNECT platform will help to efficiently manage the master data. All Transics solutions will be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT systems, such as the TMS (Transport Management System) or trailer follow-up system.

Permanent monitoring, in real time

A high-end fleet management solution is indispensable for Post-Kogeko to ensure good, reliable customer services. “If we continuously monitor the status of our trucks and trailers, we can provide our customers with useful information. In the case of refrigerated or frozen shipments, it is equally important to keep a close eye on the temperature in the reefers,” says Marcel Veenbrink, ICT Manager at Post-Kogeko. By combining Transics’ TX-SKY and TX-CONNECT solutions with Transics’ trailer telematics solution for temperature monitoring, Post-Kogeko can follow up the activities, position and temperature of its fleet in real time.

Sustainable results

TX-SOCIAL further helps Post-Kogeko to automatically process and effectively manage all data from the cab and the vehicle. In addition, the Transics solution enables great fuel savings – an aspect that is of utmost importance, as Post-Kogeko is fully committed to being a sustainable company. The company is even considering installing TX-ECO – Transics’ programme to objectively assess the driving behaviour of the Post-Kogeko drivers (economic and ecologic driving behaviour) – in order to work more sustainably.

Fixed and mobile

As a technology front runner, Post-Kogeko was also easily won over by the mobile solutions that Transics suggested. The TX-SMART app helps the logistics service provider to smoothly communicate with its subcontractors.

Own drivers will be using the new TX-FLEX app on an industrial Motorola PDA, as an add-on to the TX-SKY on-board computer. TX-FLEX allows them to scan bar codes, take and transmit pictures, register digital signatures, etc. outside the cab. Synchronised with the TX-SKY on-board computer via Bluetooth, the data are then forwarded to the TX-CONNECT back office platform for further processing.


“The Transics product portfolio perfectly fits our vision. It helps us to better inform our customers, plan more effectively and save on costs. Moreover, the solutions are very user-friendly,” added Richard van den Berg, General Manager of Post-Kogeko. “Post-Kogeko is committed to continually optimise its logistics services. We are proud that the company has chosen our solutions to achieve that aim,” concluded Transics’ CEO Walter Mastelinck.

Post-Kogeko Logistics is an all-round logistics services provider with over thirty years’ experience in (conditioned) food logistics. The company has regional offices in Maasdijk, Ridderkerk, Roelofarendsveen and branches in several other locations throughout the Netherlands. Post-Kogeko has over 750 employees and a fleet of more than 300 tractor units and around 415 trailers.

Transics International BVBA, a WABCO company, was established in 1991 and develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Transics is a global full solution provider of truck, driver, trailer, cargo and subcontractor management. Our solutions are the result of many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience. Transics, headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), has become a European leader in its sector and is active worldwide. For more information, visit www.transics.com.