Transics Equips ASKO’s Entire Commercial Vehicle Fleet with Advanced Fleet Management Solutions; Helps Improve Fleet’s Safety and Operating Performance

WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), a global technology leader and tier-one supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, announced today that its fleet management business, Transics International, will equip the entire commercial vehicle fleet of ASKO NorgesGruppen of Norway with its industry-leading fleet management solutions.

Transics will outfit ASKO’s commercial fleet of a 700 combined trucks and trailers with its industry-leading fleet management solutions, including on-board computers, mobile technologies and back office software. Thereby, Transics will help the largest grocery company in Norway to further enhance its fleet’s safety performance and operational efficiency.

Starting mid-2015, Transics will upgrade ASKO-owned trucks and trailers with fixed TX-SKY on-board computers and provide mobile, smartphone-based applications to ASKO’s independent fleet service contractors. Transics’ back office software TX-CONNECT fully integrates information streams from fixed, mobile and combined solutions into a single dashboard. In addition, Transics will install its next-generation TX-TRAILERGUARD™ telematics solution for efficient truck, trailer and cargo management. Transics expects to complete the project by the end of 2016.

Introduced in September 2014, TX-TRAILERGUARD marks the first product that was launched after the acquisition by WABCO of fleet management systems company Transics in February 2014. TX-TRAILERGUARD is an innovative telematics solution that integrates the comprehensive real-time data gathered from WABCO’s on-board advanced braking, stability control and efficiency systems with Transics’ back office software, TX-CONNECT, and its related suite of telematics systems.

“As a result of WABCO’s strategic acquisition of Transics, customers can leverage the powerful synergies of Transics’ fleet management solutions and WABCO’s commercial vehicle systems expertise, industry-leading safety and efficiency technologies and global reach,” said Nick Rens, WABCO President, Trailer Systems, Aftermarket and Off-Highway Division. “We are excited to deliver differentiating commercial vehicle fleet management solutions to ASKO as Norway’s largest food distributor continues to optimize its total fleet operations.”

“Transics’ fleet management solutions will enable ASKO to monitor our entire commercial vehicle fleet in real time,” said Svein Sollie, Transport Director, ASKO. “Transics’ advanced systems and technologies establish a direct link between our trucks, trailers, cargo and office functions. We will continue to gain invaluable insights that help us improve the safety performance and operational efficiency of our fleet.”

Transics’ fleet management solutions offer valuable information on location, route adherence, delivery time, fuel use and emissions, driving and resting times, axle load, tire pressure, as well as cargo temperature to support key operating decisions. In addition, Transics’ systems seamlessly integrate with ASKO’s overarching route planning software provided by ORTEC, thereby, helping to further optimize ASKO’s supply chain.

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