The journey towards a connected, digitized world – 25 Years of Transics

  • Connected, integrated fleet management solutions (FMS) provide access to valuable information of truck, trailer, driver and cargo, anytime, from anywhere
  • Challenges for the European transportation market: stricter regulations concerning driving and resting times, intensified regulations for refrigerated transport, declining transport prices
  • Outlook: increased connectivity will lead to more intelligent vehicles and modified infrastructure

25 years ago, the Belgium-based telematics specialist Transics started providing fleet management solutions for commercial vehicles based on telematics technology as a first-mover. Today, the WABCO company is a European leader in its sector, recently achieving a milestone of 100,000 connected on-board computers in Europe and the Middle East and heading the way to become a global player.

Much has changed since the first telematics solutions entered the market. While former systems mainly allowed for optimized vehicle tracking, today’s modern fleet management solutions go way beyond. They are all about connecting vehicles and systems, providing relevant data, and making them accessible at anytime and from anywhere. “With the introduction of our trailer management solution TX-TRAILERGUARD in 2014, we laid the foundation for a connected and digitized business environment,” comments Didier Nulens, Global Sales, Services and Marketing Leader at Transics. “For the first time ever, fleet owners are now able to receive real-time information of truck, trailer, driver and cargo via one single screen in their back office, facing the daily expectations of optimizing fuel and labor costs, compliance with resting and driving times and ECO-oriented driving behavior.”

Considerable professionalization of the European telematics market

Looking at the European telematics market, a considerable professionalization with increasing demand for advanced fleet management solutions has taken place. Carlo Rosati, Country Sales & Operations Leader Italy at Transics, explains: “In Italy, for instance, the transport industry is faced with many challenges including an increase of regulations concerning driving and resting times, intensified regulations for refrigerated transports and declining transport prices. Today, we are able to offer solutions, which provide the relevant information in real time and, consequently, valuable insights for transport companies.”

The efficiency of such solutions is obvious: Codognotto, an Italy-based international transport and logistics company, recently equipped 130 of its trailers with Transics’ TX-TRAILERGUARD for improved trailer monitoring. Additionally, 670 trailers are planned to be equipped until the end of 2016. On top, Codognotto decided to upgrade its fleet with 400 TX-SKY on-board computers and TX-FLEX, a mobile add-on for optimized monitoring and processing of out-of-cabin activities. Flavio Codognotto, owner of Codognotto comments: “We are moving 300,000 tons of goods while travelling round about 5,600,000 kilometers every month in 16 countries worldwide. Thanks to Transics, we now have a complete solution for all data on the performance of truck, driver, trailer and cargo, enabling easy monitoring, optimization of processes and analyzing driving styles via one single portal. The integrated solution also alerts our fleet manager in real time in case of a critical vehicle status, such as loss of tire pressure or worn-down brake linings. This results in increased tire and brake lifetime, fuel savings as well as enhanced safety.” In addition, Transics’ solutions help Codognotto to be compliant with regard to legal requirements: Transics’ DigiTach Solutions allow the integration of all tachograph data into the fleet management system – from driver authentication to data archiving. This facilitates avoiding infractions on driving and resting times and meeting the legal requirements of tacho card and mass memory read-outs.

For Didier Nulens, the journey towards a connected, digitized world will continue: “Within the past 25 years, we laid a solid foundation for further developments in the telematics market. Telematics will not only gain in importance in future, they will become standard. The potential is vast ranging from advanced collision avoidance to the simplified finding of parking spaces. Thanks to increased connectivity, vehicles will become more and more intelligent, while the infrastructure and characteristics of road traffic will change and thus pave the way for automated driving.”

About Transics
Transics International BVBA, a WABCO company, was established in 1991 and develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Transics is a global full solution provider of truck, driver, trailer, cargo and subcontractor management. Our solutions are the result of many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience. Transics, headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), has become a European leader in its sector and is active worldwide.

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