Transics presents new functionalities to boost safety and efficiency for fleet owners at transport logistic 2017

Telematics expert Transics is presenting its advanced fleet management solutions (FMS) for vehicle, trailer, driver and cargo management, including new features to boost safety and efficiency, at this week’s transport logistic 2017 in Munich. In addition, the WABCO company provides insights into the current developments and potential application of big data.

“In order to keep an edge in today’s competitive transport market, carriers must continually optimize their fleet. A core question in this optimization process is: how can I keep enhancing the safety and efficiency of my fleet,” says Didier Nulens, Global Sales, Service and Marketing Leader of Transics. “Yet, fleet owners are stepping away from installing additional stand-alone systems. They would rather look for an integrated solution that comprises all the required features. Integration, however, requires the greatest possible connectivity, to ensure that all the systems, including third-party solutions, seamlessly work together. Here at transport logistic, we are showcasing our networked FMS solution, including new features to drive efficiency and safety in haulage companies.”

More safety for vehicle and cargo

To improve fleet safety, Transics’ TX-SKY on-board computer includes a new anti-start system, amongst other solutions. The system requests the driver to register and enter a PIN code to start the vehicle, thus preventing unauthorized vehicle usage and complying with insurance requirements. Fleet owners who want to protect their fleet against cargo theft, can integrate the OptiLock ELB-LOCK safety system into the TX-TRAILERGUARD trailer management solution. In this way, the freight dispatchers can monitor the trailers and, if necessary, intervene by locking these remotely.

Efficiency gains thanks to better planning

The system’s powerful networking feature not only enhances vehicle and cargo safety, it also enables a more flexible and practical planning and, as such, efficiency gains for the fleet operator. Drivers’ planning schedules, for example, are no longer linked to an on-board computer, i.e. to a vehicle, but to the driver profiles. In this way, drivers can consult their planning from any on-board computer, regardless of the vehicle they are driving. Moreover, they can also look at the planned trips via the TX-FLEX app on their smartphones, which allows them to prepare their trips the day before, from the comfort of their home. In addition, documents sent from the back office to the on-board computer are synchronized with the TX-FLEX app in real time, via Bluetooth. In this way, drivers can retrieve the information they need for smooth transport processes wherever they are. To further optimize the transport process, the FMS update comprises a more advanced calculation of the Estimated Time of Arrival, which now takes into account driving and resting times as well as the respective vehicle type.

Transics integrates Europe’s first multi-brand, remote diagnostics solution

Another way to drive efficiency by boosting connectivity and integration is the remote diagnostics solution that Transics introduced at Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt. It is the first remote diagnostics platform in Europe that supports multiple brands of commercial vehicles and is incorporated in the fleet management solution (FMS). In this way, freight dispatchers no longer have to learn and operate different remote diagnostics systems from the respective truck manufacturers. Transics’ remote diagnostics solution helps increase vehicle uptime by avoiding system failures and optimizing the vehicles’ service schedule. The remote diagnostics solution will be available by the end of this year. Visitors to transport logistic, however, have the privilege to pre-order the solution during the trade show days.

More potential thanks to big data analysis

“Based on the data coming from vehicles, trailers, drivers and cargo, we can provide our customers with valuable insights. In addition, there are many other sources outside the company’s fleet that provide data that can really help carriers to drive their business forward,” says Didier Nulens, Global Sales, Service and Marketing Leader of Transics. “Based on these big data, carriers can, for example, see which roads are prone to congestion and accidents, and at what time, and which filling stations are the busiest. At transport logistic, we will show how such data can be used and will be made available in the future.”

Transics at transport logistic

Transics’ booth theme at transport logistic is the motto of the marketing campaign that it is running this year: “The Perfect Journey”. At the booth, visitors discover how the WABCO and Transics solutions contribute to safer, more efficient transport processes. On the campaign website, Transics invites visitors to virtually tour Europe and experience, for themselves, how they can improve their fleet management. For more information, please visit

Transics in Hall B2, Stand 215
Messe München, Germany
9 – 12. May 2017

About Transics
Transics International BVBA, a WABCO company, was established in 1991 and develops and commercializes fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Transics is a global full solution provider of truck, driver, trailer, cargo and subcontractor management. Our solutions are the result of many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience. Transics, headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), has become a European leader in its sector and is active worldwide.

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