Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions signs multi-year contract to use Transics’ advanced fleet management solutions

In order to keep ahead in today’s challenging market, transport companies continuously need to optimize their fleet performance by enhancing safety and improving efficiency. Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions, a fast growing Dutch trucking specialist operating all across Europe, has been using fleet management solutions (FMS) since 2006. Signing a four-year contract, they are now upgrading their entire fleet: Until the end of this year all of its 750 heavy duty trucks will be equipped with Transics’ newly-released on-board computer TX-SKY.

Transics’ FMS offer increased flexibility for drivers

The company saw a growing demand of their drivers to register out-of-cabin activities, especially when finalizing orders. They also needed an advanced calculation of the Estimated Time of Arrival, including driving and resting times. Therefore, Heisterkamp decided to integrate its existing solution into Transics’ advanced FMS. Its entire fleet will be equipped with TX-SKY on-board computers. In addition, its drivers will use the TX-FLEX app on their smartphones. By using this app, the driver can complete specific out-of-cabin activities such as scanning of barcodes, uploading of pictures, adding of customer comments and pallet info or reporting of issues. This way he can finalize his order directly at the delivery point. The data are synchronized via Bluetooth with TX-SKY. All relevant data are also transmitted to the back-office via Transics’ back-office software TX-CONNECT which enables dispatchers to monitor all data on vehicles and drivers on a single screen.

Growing demand of drivers for mobile solutions

Tom van Noort, Manager Information and Communications Technology at Heisterkamp, said: “Building on many years of successful cooperation between Heisterkamp and Transics this new multi-year contract is further strengthening our relationship. We decided to take the next step by equipping our whole fleet with TX-SKY and adding TX-FLEX, a state-of-the-art mobile solution.”

Hein Thijssen, Sales Manager Netherlands at Transics, added: “Today, an effective FMS needs to offer highest flexibility for drivers, not only inside the truck cabin. Before working with TX-FLEX, the drivers of Heisterkamp had to use different third-party apps. However, with TX-FLEX they have an easy-to-use mobile app extending their fixed on-board-computers and making data accessible anywhere and anytime.”

Transics’ FMS ensure high level of quality for Dutch transport companies

The new long-term contract with Heisterkamp is further strong proof of Transics’ capabilities to efficiently support transport companies in the Netherlands. Since Transics started its business activities over 25 years ago in its Benelux home market, its customer base has grown to over 300 fleets in the Netherlands. “Dutch transport companies are well known for their high reliability. Especially in this market we see a strong demand for innovative solutions. For example, companies aim to improve the uptime of their fleets. With Heisterkamp we are discussing to also integrate our remote diagnostics solutions as a second step,” commented Thijssen.

Transics’ remote diagnostics solution TX-DIAGNOSTIX is the first remote diagnostics platform in Europe that supports multiple brands of commercial vehicles and is incorporated in the FMS. Thereby, the freight dispatchers no longer have to deal with different remote diagnostics systems from the various truck manufacturers. Transics’ remote diagnostics solution helps increase vehicle uptime by avoiding system failures and optimizing the vehicles’ service schedule.

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