Transics simplifies payroll administration for Dutch fleets by integrating TX-SOCIAL EXPERT NL into its TX-CONNECT back office solution

A complicated payroll administration that has to comply with the respective country-specific regulations is a challenge for transport companies, in particular for those with a high number of drivers. Transics, a global provider of advanced fleet management solutions (FMS) for the transport and logistics sector, now integrates the payroll software TX-SOCIAL EXPERT NL into its TX-CONNECT back office solution for fleet customers to significantly simplify their payroll administration processes and allow for a much easier social data management.

Transics’ FMS offer now includes simplified payroll administration

TX-SOCIAL EXPERT NL is directly integrated into TX-CONNECT, Transics’ Web-based back office solution that manages and displays real-time information from trucks, trailers and drivers. The software ensures a consistent management of driver hours of service, cost calculations and expenses, thus considerably facilitating the payroll preparation for fleets which, otherwise, had to be filled in manually.

Raimo Vermeulen, Financial Manager at Jan Volmer Transport B.V., an international transport company, based in The Netherlands, says: “Wage preparation is challenging and a time-consuming administration process. We are always looking for new ways to speed up these processes and make them more efficient. The integration of Transics’ TX-SOCIAL EXPERT NL is now the next step to further simplify our payroll administration.”

Compliance with regulations in The Netherlands

Moreover, TX-SOCIAL EXPERT NL helps fleet managers to comply with Dutch legal working time regulations by accessing the activity data generated by Transics’ TX-SKY on-board computers: The software automatically compares these data with the mandatory regulations. On this basis, fleet managers can easily calculate the settlements accordingly with just a few clicks. All relevant data is transmitted to the back office which enables fleet managers to monitor all vehicles and drivers on a single screen.

Ingo De Schrijver, Regional Sales Leader North at Transics, says: “Payroll administration and the compliance with Dutch working time regulations can be very challenging for fleet managers who have to manage a broad base of drivers. We believe that TX-SOCIAL EXPERT NL in The Netherlands successfully complements our solution portfolio in the field of payroll administration and thus significantly helps to facilitate these processes.”

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