Safe scheduling simplified – Transics fleet management solutions (FMS) helps Swedish transport company ÖGS comply with regulations and better plan driver schedules

Swedish transport companies are continuously searching for ways to enhance the efficiency and safety of their fleets. They have to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, ensure the safety of drivers and vehicles as well as ensure on-time delivery and a smooth transportation process. Another vital challenge is to comply with the increasing government regulations governing driving and resting times, since violations can result in substantial fines.

ÖGS, a leading Swedish transport company, is well aware of that. The logistics expert now equips 67 of its commercial vehicles with Transics’ advanced fleet management solutions, including the fixed TX-SKY on-board computer and TX-CONNECT back office software. TX-SKY is connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus and tachograph tracking and exchanging all driver- and truck-related information in real time. Via Transics’ Web services, the relevant data are also integrated into the company’s maintenance & quality control software system “Cost Stop”.

What does this mean for the daily work processes of drivers and fleet managers?

Fleet management solutions allow ÖGS’ drivers and fleet managers to continuously monitor driving and resting times. Screens in the back office give an overview of the remaining driving and working hours of all drivers, allowing fleet managers to better plan the drivers’ trips.

Another example: When logging in via tachograph, drivers receive a checklist on their on-board computer. The driver then needs to make important safety checks on the vehicle, such as tire pressure, lights and engine oil level. Only after confirming that everything is fine, the driver can start the engine. If the driver detects a problem, he can easily report it to the workshop, and this information will be directly integrated in the quality control system.

“Sweden has strict regulations and controls in terms of driving and resting times”, says Sebastian Johansson, Assistant Managing Director at ÖGS. “But it’s really hard to keep track of that. With Transics’ FMS, we can now monitor the exact position of our trucks in real time and monitor the driving and resting times for each driver. So, our dispatchers can now plan trips more efficiently, resulting in reduced stress levels for our drivers, who now have to concentrate on only one thing: driving safely.”