Transport De Block has been relying on WABCO’s advanced fleet management solutions for three decades

Belgian carrier De Block will soon equip its entire fleet with Transics’ next-generation telematics solutions. With this new order, the transport group reconfirms its trust in the WABCO company. De Block has been relying on Transics’ fleet management solutions since 1991 to work more (cost-)effectively.

Transport De Block is a 100% family business, currently led by its third generation. The fleet comprises 90 trucks and about 400 trailers. Every truck is now going to be equipped with the fixed, brand-independent TX-SKY on-board computer and with TX-FLEX DOCSCAN for document scanning. In addition, drivers will be able to download the corresponding TX-FLEX driver app on their smartphones, which allows them to take pictures, register signatures or scan documents outside the driver’s cab.

Working more efficiently, since on-board computer No. 1

CEO Gunther De Block has believed in the power of on-board computers for decades. When he joined the family business in 1991, he was able to convince his father, who was leading the company at that time, to embrace telematics solutions. “I wrote a thesis on on-board computers and was a fan right away,” says Gunther De Block. “Transics, which is now a WABCO company, was already a front runner at that time. We purchased around 35 devices. Their features were fairly limited, of course, but the systems really helped us boost efficiency. Drivers logged their activities on a question path and could download the tachograph data via a data key. In this way, we saved substantial time in activities like wage processing.”

Integration: a major advantage

When De Block swapped its first fleet management solution for the Transics Quattro+ on-board computers, the (cost-) effectiveness got a new boost. Today, De Block opts resolutely for even more automation and user-friendliness, by choosing TX-SKY.

“I compared the latest generation of Transics solutions with several competitive platforms and Transics remains our favorite”, De Block explained. “We have always been very satisfied with the functionalities of their solutions as well as with their customer services. Moreover, the Transics platform can be seamlessly integrated with all our other software platforms, like the Navision ERP system that Young & Partners implemented. This integration helps us work much faster and more accurately.”

Secured gateway

The fixed, tablet-style TX-SKY on-board computer is directly connected to the CAN bus and the tachograph of the trucks. In this way, the device logs information from trucks and drivers as well as technical, vehicle-related data. Like a secured gateway, TX-SKY allows the driver, the freight dispatcher and every other party concerned (e.g. subcontractors) to exchange information in real time.

Keeping an edge on competitors

“From communications and planning through to billing: we expect the new Transics platform to help us optimize every process. Our company as well as our drivers reap the fruits of these investments. But so do our customers: the better we monitor processes and the more efficiently we work, the better the customer services that we deliver. An innovative telematics solution is even a must to keep an edge on our competitors in today’s increasingly challenging transport market.”

About Transics
Transics International BVBA, a WABCO company, was established in 1991 and develops and commercializes fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Transics is a global full solution provider of truck, driver, trailer, cargo and subcontractor management. Our solutions are the result of many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience. Transics, headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), has become a European leader in its sector and is active worldwide.

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