German SMEs boost Transics’ success

To keep pace in today’s fiercely competitive, low-margin transport business, a growing number of German logistics service providers and carriers rely on Transics’ telematics solutions. The current boom in telematics sales is, according to fleet management experts, further strengthened as shippers now demand real-time information from their logistics partners. German carriers that recently stepped up to Transics systems include SMEs like Dröder, Kerkeling, Mahlstedt and Munsberg.

Carrier Spedition Dröder, located in Fulda, equipped 24 heavy goods vehicles (HGV) with Transics TX-MAX on-board computers. In addition to HGV-friendly navigation, the solutions integrate the TX-ECO module for economical and ecological driving and TX-TIME (DigiTach archiving). For order forwarding, a software interface to Komalog (Transdata) is used. Further telematics building blocks and functionalities include telephony, document scanner, activity-based GeoFencing and wage, salary and expenses calculation.

A nearly identical telematics package has been installed into 80 vehicles of Coesfeld-based Spedition Kerkeling. Transics Deutschland GmbH takes care of order forwarding via an interface on BNS Software AG. The functionality for wage and salary calculation was implemented by KHK Software.

Spedition Mahlstedt from Delmenhorst is another SME that recently chose Transics. After an intensive trial phase, the company installed 55 TX-MAX on-board computers, including the driving style assistant. The solutions help Mahlstedt cut fuel consumption and maintenance costs for its refrigerated, container, heavy cargo and combined cargo transport. In addition, the system allows drivers to forward images to the home base to document damage. Order data and other logistic information are transferred to the carrier’s software supplier Cargo Support through a new web-based interface.

At its Osnabrück branch, Spedition Munsberg, a Transics customer for over six years now, has recently updated the fleet management system in its 40 Mercedes-Benz trucks. The existing legacy system was replaced by advanced TX-MAX on-board computers with diverse additional functionality.

Established in 1991, Transics International NV develops and commercializes high-end fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Thanks to over 19 years’ experience, a state-of-the-art R&D department, an installed base of over 70,0000 on-board computers at over 1,000 customers and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become one of the leading European players in the sector of high-end telematics solutions. In addition to its headquarters in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe. The company employs around 230 people (45 of which in R&D). It has been quoted on the stock exchange (Euronext Brussels) since June 2007.