Marlep manages its tanks’ logistics with Transics’ telematics solution

A telematics solution is a must for carriers who want to keep an edge in the temperature-controlled and time-critical shipping of liquid food products. Hamburg-based Marlep Tanklogistik GmbH has understood that well. In mid-2014, the medium-sized logistics services provider equipped its European fleet, consisting of over 60 storage tanks, with an advanced Transics telematics solution, including the fixed TX-SKY on-board computer, TX-CONNECT back office software as well as solutions to monitor the driving style and boost eco-friendly driving.

CEO Lars Johannsen: “Thanks to our integrated Transics solution, i.e. the on-board computer, the software and soon also the document scanner, we now have a fully connected office and fleet. The real-time information about drivers and their driving style, vehicles, costs and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) make the daily planning easier and help us to constantly train our drivers and optimize customer services.“

To enable Marlep to meet all the customer needs in real time and at all times, every Marlep vehicle is directly connected with the logistics software. The firm’s Transport Management System is integrated into the TX-CONNECT back office software via Transics’ online Web service platform, thus helping Marlep to enhance efficiency and cut costs.

A customized order processing function helps the logistics expert to handle its orders more efficiently. The navigation functionality, linked to the order, and the charge-based workflow raise driver comfort. And, last but not least, TX-DOCSCAN, which Marlep will integrate in the near future, will allow drivers to forward transport documents from the cab, thus accelerating billing and payments.

Telematics increases efficiency, safety and eco-friendliness

Transics has greatly helped Marlep Tanklogistik to raise productivity and, as a result, boosted the firm’s competitive edge. The benefits include:

  • Reduced telecoms and fleet costs,
  • Better deployment of resources and optimized route planning (drivers / vehicles),
  • Reliable equipment monitoring (trailer).

In addition, Marlep benefits from enhanced monitoring of all transport activities and proactive customer communications. Direct communications with drivers and fast reactions in the case of sudden changes in the planning or technical incidents further enhance the safety of drivers and their cargo. At the same time, the real-time ECO assessments as well as the operational and route optimizations help avoid unnecessary empty runs and cut CO2 emissions.

Marlep Tanklogistik GmbH (Hamburg) is an expert in the European transport – by road, rail and short sea – of temperature-controlled raw materials for the food industry. A certified logistics partner, the company, which also has a branch in Poland, complies with the strictest hygiene requirements. The core competencies of the company include the shipment of products such as cocoa butter and mass, chocolate, liquid sugar, syrup, cream, milk, whey, fruit juices and concentrates, next to wine, pharmaceutical products, oils and fats. Founded in 2010, Marlep has a fleet of 60 isolated one- and multi-chamber vehicles (each with a capacity of up to 33.000 liters). The company works with a large number of subcontractors and employs over 100 persons. Its tank container fleet too will be supported by telematics soon.

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