Dutch distributor Aloys Roemaat Transport combines its fixed on-board computers with smartphones

Fleet management expert Transics recently launched TX-SMART FOR TX-GO: a combination of its TX-SMART smartphone application with the fixed TX-GO on-board computer. TX-SMART FOR TX-GO is the ideal solution to support delivery truck drivers, who have to process a lot of data outside their cab. While TX-SMART supports driver communications and the daily out-of-cabin activities, TX-GO ensures a constant transfer of vehicle and driver data. Both information flows are integrated and visualised on one, single screen in the TX-CONNECT back office platform.

The ART in Transport

An international carrier employing 130 persons, Aloys Roemaat Transport ships goods throughout the Netherlands as well as abroad. All 70 vehicles in its fleet feature a Transics on-board computer. “We like to call ourselves suppliers of “The ART in Transport”,” says Eric Huinink, General Manager. “Reliability, flexibility, punctuality and accuracy are pivotal in our services.” In line with that commitment, Aloys Roemaat Transport recently integrated the TX-SMART FOR TX-GO combo to optimise its distribution activities.

Information flows from mobile and fixed on-board computers on one, single platform

The TX-GO on-board computer, which is neatly installed behind the dashboard of the van or truck, ensures a permanent transfer of vehicle and driver information like position details, tachograph and CAN bus data, etc. to the back office. By combining the device with the TX-SMART smartphone app, drivers stay in constant touch with the freight planners and can easily exchange text messages, details on planning or driver activities, barcode scans, etc. “More than the possibility to exchange text messages on the freight schedule, addresses, etc., we also lacked a way to log data outside the cab. It is very useful for our back office staff to be in constant touch with our drivers and get pictures from them, in the case of damage, or receive digital signatures or pallet data,” Huinink continued. The TX-SMART smartphone app now supports the Aloys Roemaat team in these mobile activities. Just like the data registered by the TX-GO computer, the information that TX-SMART collects is seamlessly integrated into the TX-CONNECT back office platform. “Our freight planners see both data flows in one, single overview. The new solution has allowed them to monitor our drivers on the road even better than before, thus ensuring enhanced customer services,” Huinink concluded.

Aloys Roemaat Transport is an international carrier with its seat in Lichtenvoorde (the Netherlands). Incorporated in 1964, Aloys Roemaat Transport is now an all-round logistics services provider, offering distribution, line and courier services as well as warehousing and transhipments. Every day, Aloys Roemaat Transport ships the most diverse goods, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The company, which is constantly growing, currently employs 130 professionals. www.roemaat.nl

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