Axxès and Transics, official partners

Axxès, an expert and market leader in interoperable toll payment services, has signed an official partnership agreement with Transics, the European leader in fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics industry.

Following the announcement of their upcoming partnership at SITL 2013, Axxès and Transics have now formally signed a partnership contract this summer. The acknowledged experts in toll payment services and fleet management solutions, respectively, will combine their know-how to offer carriers a unique solution that bundles eco-tax collection and advanced fleet management.


The new partnership will offer substantial added value to carriers looking to optimise costs related to route taxes, like toll payments and the French eco-tax. The TX-CONNECT MP (Multi-Platform) web app will allow Axxès’ customers to pinpoint the position of their vehicles on a professional fleet management platform, thus benefiting from many useful features like GeoFencing and detailed activity reports. Transics’ customers, for their part, will appreciate the possibility to manage toll and eco-tax payments from their trusted TX-CONNECT back office platform, a feature made possible thanks to the interface between Axxès and Transics.

By integrating the data collected via the Viaxxès SAT boxes for tax cost management into Transics’ fleet management solutions, transport professionals will be able to:


  • track and manage their vehicles on the road in a professional fleet management application;
  • receive real-time alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined zone (GeoFencing);
  • consult activity reports that integrate all details on toll and eco-tax costs.


Both partners are committed to developing more features in the course of 2014, staying faithful to their joint objective: help customers raise efficiency, while curbing costs.

With over 30,000 customers, Axxès is a leader in European interoperable electronic toll payment services for heavy goods vehicles. Axxès offers goods carriers and tourists a smart toll solution: all they need is an on-board device and one single subscription contract to easily pay toll charges all over Europe and PL taxes in France. Axxès has developed a dedicated GeoFencing service to optimise and understand toll and road tax costs. In addition to its own products, Axxès also offers the services of its partners, who supply integrated fleet management solutions. Established in 2005, following a European directive aiming to establish pan-European toll services, Axxès is a subsidiary of some of France’s largest highway concessionaires (ASF, ESCOTA, APRR, AREA, ATMB, SFTRF and SITAF) and of the Crédit Mutuel CIC bank group.

Established in 1991, Transics International NV develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its market. Headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe.

Polish Duhabex chooses Transics’ TX-MAX on-board computers

Fleet management expert Transics gladly welcomes Duhabex, one of Poland’s fastest growing international transport firms, as a new customer. Transics will equip 120 Duhabex trucks with TX-MAX on-board computers and install its TX-CONNECT software at the Duhabex office, thus helping the carrier raise the efficiency of its fleet management.

Duhabex has been growing steadily, over the past few years, and can boast long-term contracts with the biggest shippers in Europe. To offer its customers the very best quality transport services, the carrier invests in a high-quality, advanced fleet and attaches great importance to hiring and retaining capable staff, which receive ample training. The Duhabex fleet is composed of vehicles of respected brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and Scania, and is equipped with advanced technology. Duhabex’s drivers understand the importance of safe and economic driving.


Duhabex understands that reliable communications within the company, particularly between the dispatchers and drivers, is key to successful international transport. Until recently, freight planners in the back office were able to communicate with drivers and track the vehicles, via an on-board tool. Subcontractors, for their part, could trace the location of their shipments and check when they reached their destination. However, Duhabex wanted to extend this functionality to meet the needs of its ever-growing number of customers. The planning features and analytical tools that Transics proposed, like permanent access to all fleet data, perfectly fit the bill.

“By equipping Duhabex’s trucks with our fleet management solutions, we help them optimise operations, while reducing operating costs. Under the agreement, Transics provides Duhabex with TX-CONNECT back-office software and 120 TX-MAX on-board computers, which definitely raise fleet management efficiency,” says Mariusz Żyła, Sales Executive at Transics.


The TX-MAX on-board computer is an indispensable tool for effective fleet management. Much more than just a link between the drivers and the planners, it simplifies the everyday performance of shipping tasks – from the moment of acceptance of an order until the delivery of the shipment.


Each planner strives to use the resources of the fleet to the max. To help them in that aim, Transics developed the TX-CONNECT back-office software, which is connected to the on-board computers in the vehicles. Thanks to this connection, dispatchers have permanent access to all fleet data: the current location of vehicles and trailers, the routes travelled, the status of every individual load and the estimated time of arrival. An alarm is automatically triggered in case of anomalies, e.g. if there’s a risk that the estimated time of arrival will be exceeded or when a vehicle enters a forbidden area or remains too long in a given zone. In this way, freight planners can optimally plan every shipment and react quickly in situations where they should intervene.

With an installed base of over 4,000 on-board computers at more than 100 transport and logistics companies, Transics is significantly strengthening its foothold in Poland.

Duhabex sp. z o.o. with registered office in Trzebinia (Poland), delivers transport services throughout Europe. Incorporated in 1987, the company has received prestigious awards for its national and international achievements, such as Business Gazelle, Forbes Diamonds and Scania and Mercedes Certificates.

Established in 1991, Transics International NV develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sectors. Thanks to many years of experience, thorough R&D efforts and an intensive focus on the customer experience, Transics has become the leading European player in its market. Headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), Transics is active throughout Europe.

Transics amplía su gama de soluciones con un nuevo ordenador de a bordo

TX-SKY – Un nuevo ordenador de a bordo estilo tablet

El experto en gestión de flota Transics acaba de anunciar la salida al mercado de su nuevo ordenador de a bordo TX-SKY. Se trata de un producto nuevo en el mercado de la telemática que completa la famosa serie TX-MAX (GO) de Transics y que está completamente integrado dentro del software de backoffice de Transics, TX-Connect. Basado en 20 años de conocimientos y experiencia, este nuevo ordenador de a bordo funciona sobre una plataforma de alto rendimiento. La novedad es que el interfaz del usuario es estilo tablet, lo que mejora considerablemente la eficacia de su uso por parte de los chóferes. Su facilidad de uso y su rapidez de instalación (instalación plug & play) reducen el coste total de adquisición en propiedad (TCO, total cost of ownership), lo que conviene perfectamente a las empresas de transporte.

La facilidad de uso ha sido el criterio fundamental a la hora de concebir este nuevo ordenador de a bordo. Y la razón por la que el equipo I+D de Transics decidió desarrollar TX-SKY. “Los chóferes quieren una pantalla intuitiva, como la de los smartphones y la de los tablets, en un aparato profesional instalado en la cabina”, explica Dirk Staelens, VP Producto Management en Transics. “Gracias al nuevo interfaz, el usuario de TX-SKY, inspirado en los tablets con pantalla táctil, pueden navegar pasando la punta de los dedos por los diferentes módulos de información y comunicar con las oficinas”.

Fácil y divertido

Jerôme, chófer de Gamba et Rota, empresa francesa de transportes, lleva varios meses probando el TX-SKY. Lo que más le gusta es que es muy fácil de usar: “Con el TX-SKY puedo interactuar con el programa a través de la pantalla porque al ser táctil puedo escribir, pasar el dedo por el mapa o pinzar para reducir o ampliar, hace que trabajar con el sea realmente fácil y divertido.” Alain Gamba, el director de la empresa, asegura por su parte que “El interfaz TX-SKY es tan sumamente intuitivo que todo el mundo puede empezar a utilizarlo directamente, con una formación mínima. Su facilidad de uso favorece su aceptación por parte de los usuarios: a todos los chóferes les gusta mucho trabajar con TX-SKY porque lo ven como una evolución positiva.” Y añade: “Como basta con una formación de 15 minutos para saber manejarlo y como es muy fácil de instalar es evidente que ahorramos dinero. Otra ventaja es que como los equipos se instalan rápidamente, la inmovilización de los vehículos dura menos tiempo.”

Totalmente integrado en el potente programa backoffice TX-CONNECT

TX-SKY funciona en la nueva arquitectura puntera SKY que Transics ya utiliza en TX-GO, un ordenador de a bordo sin pantalla comercializado este año. El recién llegado también está totalmente integrado en TX-CONNECT, el programa backoffice de Transics. TX-SKY es tan funcional como los demás miembros de la familia, el TX-MAX y el TX-MAX GO, y puede conectarse fácilmente al tacógrafo y al CAN Bus, ampliando así su funcionalidad con los datos del tacógrafo y la gestión de consumo de combustible. Su potente procesador y su memoria ampliada hacen de él un aparato de alto rendimiento sobre el que se basarán los nuevos avances y aplicaciones en el futuro.

Mejorar la actividad diaria en el sector del transporte

“Durante más de un año, nuestro equipo I+D ha trabajado para que TX-SKY sea toda una revolución. Las primeras reacciones de los clientes son positivas. TX-SKY no sólo completa nuestra cartera de ordenadores de a bordo existente sino que además la sitúa a un nivel superior pues responde perfectamente a las necesidades actuales en materia de mejora de la experiencia del usuario. Estamos convencidos de que su uso intuitivo ayudará a mejorar la eficacia y a reducir el coste total de implantación. Como sus predecesores, TX-SKY ilustra nuestro esfuerzo permanente por elaborar productos y proponer servicios innovadores destinados a mejorar la actividad diaria en el sector del transporte”, concluye Walter Mastelinck, CEO de Transics.

Transics International s.a., fundada en 1991, desarrolla y comercializa soluciones de gestión de flota de gama alta para el sector del transporte y de la logística. Gracias a sus muchos años de experiencia, a los esfuerzos realizados en I+D y al interés continuo por las actividades de sus clientes, Transics se ha convertido en el líder europeo de su sector. Además de su sede en Ypres (Bélgica), Transics está presente en toda Europa.