What is meant by CAN bus?

What is CAN bus?

In technical terms, CAN stands for Controller Area Network (CAN), a serial data bus standard designed to combine electronic drive units. Put more simply, the CAN bus enables vehicle components and devices to communicate with one another via message communications. The CAN bus in trucks, for example, helps register fuel consumption and driving style. In this way, the network allows carriers to develop a policy aimed at encouraging an economical, eco-friendly and efficient driving style.

ECO driving: CAN bus registers drivers’ driving style

The CAN bus offers carriers an overview of each driver’s driving style, thereby enabling them to practise ECO driving. Based on information on the truck’s speed, braking behaviour, number of revolutions (rpm), emergency stops, stationary behaviour of the engine or accelerator levels, amongst other things, transport companies can permanently evaluate drivers and encourage them to drive more cost-effectively and energy-efficiently. The ECO SCORE allows carriers to keep an eye on and actually measure the driving behaviour of their staff, in order to view how economically and ecologically they are driving.

In this way, the CAN bus directly helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, cut maintenance costs and restrict vehicle damage and accidents. An increasing number of carriers are becoming aware of this and have started adopting the principles of ECO driving.

Monitor fuel consumption levels via the CAN bus

The CAN bus enables back office staff to monitor the truck’s fuel level via the on-board computer – a function that has multiple advantages. If the fuel level decreases remarkably quickly, for example, this may point to theft. The CAN bus will notice this and trigger an alarm to the back office, so that immediate action can be taken.

CAN bus now comes as standard in fleet trucks

Today, the CAN bus is integrated into every truck as standard. Thanks to the FMS standard, which all the leading truck manufacturers have agreed on, it is relatively simple to extend the CAN bus with additional applications. Over 50 per cent of the trucks on the road today measure and register truck performance and driver behaviour by means of the CAN bus.