Transics vide les données de la carte conducteur du tachy numérique à travers Quattro Plus

Big time savings and improved flexibility

Transics, the European market leader in on-board computers and fleet management solutions for the transport industry, has added a brand-new function to its Quattro Plus on-board computer: the device reads and transfers the data of the digital tachograph’s driver cards. This latest development of the Transics product proves, once more, that Transics is a true expert in its market segment. Transics will be launching the solution at SITL in Paris – Villepinte, from the 7th to the 10th of March (stand M71).

Legal requirement

The digital tachograph automatically registers the drivers’ driving times and rest periods, their speed and the distance travelled. The information is recorded onto the driver’s personal smart card. Every 28 days, the data has to be downloaded from the driver cards by means of a special card reader. This implies that drivers have to return to the home base each time the smart card has to be downloaded, which is a serious extra cost. And how will the dispatcher manage the data of drivers who never return to the office?

Big gains in time and improved flexibility

The Quattro Plus on-board computer enables the remote reading and storage of the data recorded on the tachograph card, without the need for the driver to return to head office. In this way, the dispatcher can readily access the data stored onto the digital tachograph card, whenever he likes. Drivers, for their part, no longer have to drive back to the home base to download their card. “Initial user reaction was very enthusiastic. The feedback we’re getting confirms that the solution provides a quick ROI: considerable gains in time and greater flexibility”, said Transics’ managing director, Walter Mastelinck.

This brand-new function added to Transics’ on-board computer is further proof of the company’s unrivalled expertise in on-board computers for the transport sector. By targeting this specific segment of the transport market, Transics is well placed to identify dispatchers’ needs and develop customized solutions to meet these needs.

Transics NV develops and commercializes on-board computers, software and fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. With an installed base of over 26 000 on-board computers, Transics NV is the largest company in its sector. Headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), Transics NV has offices in the Netherlands and France and is also active in Germany, Sweden, and Spain. The company is permanently expanding its European organization.