What is meant by ECO SCORE?

What is ECO SCORE?

ECO SCORE is a driving style indicator, i.e. a tool that shows drivers’ ECO driving performance and, consequently, their efficiency during their trips. ECO driving has been gaining in popularity in the transport industry over the past few years. By analysing the driving behaviour and permantly coaching – through ECO SCORE – carriers can dramatically improve the driving style of their staff. Fleet management systems (FMS) provide the technical details to calculate the drivers’ performance: the ECO STORE uses the data stored on the on-board computer via the connection with the CAN bus.

How does ECO SCORE work?

The ECO SCORE shows to what extent drivers adopt the principles of ECO driving. Their are two ways of measuring the driving style. Quantitative measurements count events and their duration and add that score to the total, for example the number of times the driver braked (hard or gently). However, the result of these measurements is (too) limited to adjust a driver’s driving style in the long term. Qualitative analysis is much more accurate, as it also takes into account events before and after the actual activity. Through training, coaching and monitoring, drivers can continually improve their ECO SCORE or maintain the score, if it’s excellent.

Benefits of the ECO SCORE with regard to cost savings and the environment

The ECO SCORE offers carriers the tools they need to continuously evaluate, coach and encourage their drivers to drive more (energy-)efficiently. In this way, they can save thousands of euros on fuel every year, while restricting the emission of hazardous gases like CO2. Also, anticipating driving reduces the risk of accidents. On top of that, a good ECO SCORE will help carriers reduce insurance premiums for the fleet and lower trucks’ maintenance costs.

Good ECO SCORE raises drivers’ comfort

Drivers who follow the rules of ECO driving, testify that they are driving more comfortably and relaxed now. This will positively impact their motivation while, in fact, they do not drive slower than other drivers. Last but not least, ECO driving favourably affects a carrier’s image: stakeholders and the general public appreciate a sustainable approach.

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