What is meant by FMS gateway?

What is FMS gateway?

FMS gateway refers to an interface that helps release technical information about a vehicle to the back office. Leading truck manufacturers have agreed to use one, single standard for delivering information from their vehicles’ CAN bus to third parties: the FMS standard. By fitting an FMS gateway into a vehicle, the CAN bus technology is linked to the on-board computer of the fleet management system (FMS). This allows the carrier’s back office to read out and interpret all the technical details. The benefits are multiple, amongst others in the field of ECO driving.

What data does the FMS gateway provide?

The FMS gateway helps retrieve the following data from vehicles: truck speed, number of revolutions (rpm), pedal position, cruise control, fuel level, total distance travelled, rates of fuel usage (e.g. while the truck is stationary), engine coolant temperature, vehicle ID, real torque, turbo pressure, braking information and/or diagnostic data. Which of these data the FMS gateway provides will depend on the manufacturer, construction year and configuration of the truck .

FMS gateway and ECO driving

The FMS gateway allows the carriers’ back office to retrieve the above-mentioned data from the vehicle. In this way, it can easily evaluate and permanently adjust the fuel consumption and the driving style of drivers – i.e. adopt the principles of ECO driving. Proactive driving behaviour enhances fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, it helps minimise vehicles’ maintenance costs and significantly decreases the number of accidents and damage cases. Other benefits of monitoring technical data in real time, via the FMS gateway, include, for example, the detection of theft: if the fuel level drops remarkably quickly, this may point to theft.

FMS gateway and the fleet management system

The fleet management system (FMS) is an executing module that distributes data to other software applications, such as the transport management system (TMS). FMS helps carriers raise their productivity levels while cutting costs.