What is meant by trailer management?

What is trailer management?

Trailer management is a telematics solution that allows carriers to track the location and status of the cargo and trailer. It helps transport firms maximise the use of their assets and optimise their maintenance.

Trailer management: track & trace and GeoFencing

Thanks to their track & trace functionality, trailer management solutions give carriers real-time insight into the exact location and status (driving / resting) of all their trailers. The tracking system provides an overview of the route travelled, as well as the estimated time of arrival (ETA), which allows carriers to optimise customer services. Furthermore, trailer management also allows detailed monitoring of the number of kilometers a subcontractor has driven, thus optimising the accuracy of invoices.

Carriers who apply GeoFencing, predefine certain zones on a map and attach rules to these zones, thereby determining the movement of their rolling stock. GeoFencing is also applicable to trailer management.

Trailer management and EBS

Fleet management is primarily aimed at the management of a carrier’s fleet. A fleet management system (FMS) automates the management processes, thereby allowing carriers to optimise the productivity of the logistics processes, while reducing costs. Trailer management is a part of fleet management. By combining the trailer EBS to the on-board computer, the back office gains insight into technical trailer data, such as truck speed, distance, braking system and loading degree, which helps them raise the safe use and timely maintenance of their trailers, thus lengthening their wear life. In this way, trailer management also significantly contributes to the safety of both drivers and cargo.

Trailer management and temperature transport

Trailer management can take it one step further still. The on-board computer enables the back office to remotely monitor the temperature in the reefers. Drivers can read the exact temperature in their cab and the back office will receive a warning if the predefined conditions are exceeded. This feature meets the obligation of many carriers for transparent reporting to their customers about the conditions of refrigerated transport.

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