Dutch carrier De Rijke equips its entire fleet with Transics on-board computers

Transics consolidates its industry-leadership in the Netherlands

Logistics service provider De Rijke Groep has decided to install Transics Quattro Plus on-board computers in all of its 460 vehicles. Earlier, its French subsidiary, De Rijke France, had already chosen Transics. For Transics, this order further strengthens its leadership position in the Dutch market.

Selection of Transics after extensive screening of different on-board computer systems

De Rijke France is enthusiastic about its Transics on-board computers. Its Dutch counterpart and headquarters of De Rijke Groep, however, first screened various fleet management solutions before choosing Transics. The benefits of the solution tendered by Transics, recently awarded the title of ‘most promising company of the year’ by the Flemish Government, were far greater than those of the other bidders. De Rijke Netherlands purchased 460 Quattro Plus on-board computers with CAN BUS interface to equip its fleet in northwestern Europe.

Professionalism and a high degree of integration with CatLogic and Ortec

De Rijke acclaims the professionalism and innovative strength of Transics. With over 17 years’ experience in the transport industry and an installed base of 35,000 on-board computers, Transics knows what transport and logistics companies need. That know-how results in innovative solutions with an ever-increasing number of useful features. De Rijke was impressed by the expansion possibilities offered by the Quattro Plus on-board computer. Equally convincing is the integration of Quattro Plus into the CatLogic and Ortec backoffice: the CatLogic transport management software and the Ortic trip planning software are entirely integrated into the homebase software of the on-board computers. Consequently, trip planning, the forwarding of relevant data to the drivers and the processing of the data supplied by the drivers can be automated for the greater part.

“All these benefits convinced us to choose Transics. Moreover, the Transics did offer the best value for money. Transics will certainly help us manage our fleet more efficiently and increase profitability,” said Leen de Rijke, general manager of the De Rijke Groep.

Well on the way towards becoming the ‘benchmark’

“That a large logistics company like De Rijke has opted for Transics, confirms our leadership position. It also proves that Transics has the required know-how and experience to meet the demands of all carriers, be they big, mid-size or small. In other words: we are well on the way to becoming the European reference in fleet management systems,” concluded Walter Mastelinck, managing director of Transics. In the Netherlands, Transics is, just like in Belgium and France, the market leader in on-board computers. Like De Rijke, many large and mid-size Dutch transport companies rely on Transics.

Transics NV develops and commercializes on-board computers and telematics solutions for the transport and logistics sector. With an installed base of over 35,000 on-board computers, Transics is the largest company in its sector. Headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), Transics NV has offices in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Germany and is also active in eastern Europe. The company is permanently expanding its European organization.

Founded in 1945, DE RIJKE groep is one of the largest carriers and logistics service providers for the chemical industry in the Netherlands. The company is European market leader in the processing and packaging of liquids. De Rijke is always on the lookout for opportunities to consolidate its leadership position. The logistics service provider has 35 branches, dotted throughout Europe, and employs around 2000 staff. www.derijke.com