Guy Dauphin Environnement embarks upon an eco driving programme with Transics

French recycling company chose Transics’ eco driving programme, TX‑ECO, to optimise its operations. In the space of a few short months, it experienced a significant reduction in fuel consumption. Guy Dauphin Environnement (GDE), one of France’s leading recycling companies, treats and recycles waste, mainly ferrous materials. The company, including its transport subsidiary, employs 1,400 persons […]

FY 2013 Statutory and Consolidated Annual Accounts Transics International NV

The FY 2013 Statutory and Consolidated Annual Accounts of Transics International NV, approved by the Board of Directors on the 8th of April 2014, are available on the website of the Company and can be consulted through the following link: Statutory Annual Accounts TRI 2013  Consolidated Annual Accounts TRI 2013 Transics International NV, a WABCO […]

Refrigerated transport company Free Go Ouest relies on Transics’ fleet management solution to grow its business

The fleet management solution of industry expert Transics provides the French carrier Free Go Ouest with much better information on its haulage operations and delivery of goods. Barely two years after installing Transics’ telematics solution and the TX-ECO eco driving programme, Free Go Ouest could already expand its fleet with five refrigerated trucks, thanks to […]

VIVE TRANSPORT – viva transport!

20,000 jobs and 9 million of kilometres per year by a fleet of 55 trucks. To manage such a workload, effective management is key. Cooperation between VIVE Transport and Transics has allowed the transport company to achieve exemplary results! VIVE Transport Sp. z o.o. is part of the VIVE Group, whose presence in Poland began […]

Mandatory takeover offer for all shares and warrants in Transics International NV to be followed by a squeeze-out bid

Transics International NV (Transics International) acknowledges that WABCO Europe BVBA (the Bidder) has notified the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (the FSMA) of its intention to launch a mandatory takeover offer in cash for all shares and warrants in Transics International which are not already held by the Bidder or its affiliated persons, to […]

Transics announces results for 2013

Transics International N.V. (EURONEXT Brussels: TRAN) today announced its results for FY 2013. Detailed financial press release

Changes in the Board of Directors of Transics International NV

The Board of Directors of Transics International NV (Transics International) was informed by Mr Herman Wielfaert (representing H&H Capital Management BVBA), non-executive director, Mr Filip De Clercq (representing Sprezzatura BVBA), independent director and Mr Stephan Van Herck (representing V.D.M. BVBA), independent director, of their resignation as director of Transics International effective as from the 12th […]

Transics customers win prizes at Transport & Logistics Awards 2014

Transics customers are applauded at the Transport & Logistics Awards 2014 that were held in Tour & Taxis, Brussels, on the 13th of February 2014. In the first place, congratulations to Transport LUX for winning the “Transporter of the Year 2014” award. The second place was for another customer of Transics: AJ VEURINK. For the Truck Safety Awards, 3 […]

WABCO Acquires Transics International, An Industry Leader In Fleet Management Solutions

WABCO expands into fast-growing fleet management solutions market Transics International’s innovative telematics solutions help improve operational efficiency, lower cost for commercial vehicle fleet operators WABCO obtains 96.84 percent of Transics International shares by acquiring holding company Tavares NV for an implied purchase price per Transics International share of EUR 14.14 Acquisition to be followed by […]

Exercise of warrants increases capital of Transics International NV

Pursuant to the provisions of Title II of the Law of 2. May 2007 and the Royal Decree of 14. February 2008, Transics International NV announces today that it has issued 7,858 new shares on 5. December 2013 and has increased its capital with 7,858 EUR, as a result of the exercise of warrants. These […]

Transics integrates its fleet management solution into electric trucks – a first in the industry

Fleet management expert Transics is proud to announce that the Dutch Coöperatieve CombiPakt UA, a cooperative association, has recently equipped its brand-new electric trucks with Transics’ TX-MAX GO on-board computers – a first in the sector. The installation did not require any modification of the on-board computers nor the back office software. Transics did develop […]

Resignation of Mr Rudy Everaert as director of Transics International NV

The Board of Directors of Transics International NV (Transics International) was informed by Mr Rudy Everaert (representing RLE & Partners BVBA), a non-executive director of Transics International, representing ING AM Insurance Companies B.V. (ING AM), of his resignation as director of Transics International with immediate effect. This resignation is to be understood in the context […]

A meeting of telematics experts: Soloplan Telematics Day

On the 24.10.2013, the first Soloplan Telematics Day opened its doors in Katowice. Organised by Soloplan Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., the first in-house exhibition of telematics was held in Katowice on the 24th of October 2013. The sustainable theme of this event is to hold an information event, in the form of an in-house exhibition in […]

Transics publishes Q3 2013 trading results

Q3 2013 revenues of €13.2 million, up 5.2% year-on-year During Q3 2013, Transics generated revenues of €13.2 million, up from €12.6 million in Q3 2012, representing a year-on-year revenue increase of 5.2%. Revenues reached €9.2 million in the core markets of the Benelux and France and, in our development markets, the revenues reached € 4 […]

Tried and tested solutions for new provisions of the law

In August of this year, the amendment of the Act on road transport entered into effect which governs, among others, the work time of drivers, which is one of the most frequently broken provisions of the law in the transport sector. How is it possible to avoid penalties related to the improper working time of […]