DigiTach Solutions

Smooth integration of all tachograph data into your fleet management system

Transics’ DigiTach Solutions include a wide range of tacho functionalities from driver authentication to data archiving. By transferring tacho data to the back office in real time, administrative processes are streamlined and carriers are relieved of tacho-related hassles.

Single driver login for tacho and OBC

Tacho data synchronisation between OBC and TX-CONNECT

Remote data download

Data analysis and archiving

Why use DigiTach Solutions?

DigiTach Solutions simplify planning as automated tacho synchronisation provides real-time data in the back office. They also make it possible to avoid infractions on driving and resting times and meet the legal requirements of tacho card and mass memory read-outs and data archiving.

  • Permanent driving time info in the back office

  • Automated tacho read-outs

  • Compliance with tacho regulations

  • No unnecessary returns for tacho read-outs

  • End-to-end solution from transfer to archive

How to use DigiTach Solutions?

Driver and vehicle data are forwarded in real time to TX-CONNECT. There, they can be used for planning, archiving and payroll purposes.

Combine with our other products

DigiTach Solutions are integrated into our TX-CONNECT back office platform. Combine them with TX-SOCIAL, a complete end-to-end solution for social and tacho data management of active drivers and vehicles.

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