OptiFlow™ Tail

Power yourself to better fuel economy

WABCO OptiFlow™ Tail is a refreshingly innovative, modular system that radically improves aerodynamic drag at the rear of trailers.

Impressive airflow reduction

Easy to install

Robust material


Why use OptiFlow™ Tail?

WABCO OptiFlow™ Tail reduces rear-end drag better than any other 50 cm tail in Europe. Rigorous tests show clearly why it pays to install OptiFlow™ Tail: it saves up to 1.1 l per 100 km at highway speeds, while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 2.8 tons per trailer per year.

  • Save fuel consumption

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

How to use OptiFlow™ Tail?

OptiFlow™ Tail consists of lightweight, robust modular panels which fit all rear swing door trailers. As the OptiFlow™ Tail only needs a few fixing points for mounting, it can be installed on new vehicles or retrofitted to existing trailers.

Visit the OptiFlow™ Micro-site for the complete portfolio of OptiFlow™ products and the latest news in Aerodynamics.

Combine with our other products

You can now combine all driver, truck and trailer information into one single back office platform, TX-CONNECT. Its extensive reports visualize the effects of OptiFlow™ Tail on fuel consumption and, therefore, CO2 emission.

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