Secure your load, anywhere, anytime

WABCO OptiLock™ is a range of high-quality mechanical and electronic trailer door locking systems, designed to make sure your freight arrives at its destination intact, on time and uncontaminated. The ELB-Lock® is a connected cargo security solution offering the highest protection within the OptiLock™ portfolio.

Remote access control

Robust material

Emergency access

Security certifications

Why use ELB-Lock®?

The connected trailer door locking solution ELB-Lock® protects your supply chain by securing your cargo. The feature-rich security solution will not only ensure goods arrive intact at their destination, it will as well enable a constant real-time monitoring.

  • Advanced cargo integrity

  • Peace of mind with transparency & remote control

  • Ensure driver safety

  • Reliability through compliance certifications

How to use ELB-Lock®?

ELB-Lock® is a robust electronic locking system, invisibly installed on the trailer doors. The modern security solution helps tailor fleet operations through different unlocking functions and identifies unexpected activity.

Combine with our other products

The OptiLock™ advanced locking system ELB-Lock® can be combined with the trailer telematics solution TX-TRAILERGUARD to optimize trailer management on our TX-CONNECT platform and ensure road transparency.

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