Inflate your cost savings and safety

WABCO OptiTire™ is the next generation tire pressure monitoring solution for trucks, trailers and buses that is specifically designed to reduce fleet running costs and improve fleet safety.

Reduce downtime

Extend tire life

Enhance fuel efficiency

Improve maintenance predictability

Why use OptiTire™?

WABCO OptiTire™ has been designed to maintain tire pressure at the recommended level and early detect slow punctures, maximizing tire life and allowing tires to be repaired rather than replaced. In addition, incorrect tire pressure can lead to sudden tire failure.

  • Reduced breakdowns and downtimes

  • Cut fuel costs

  • Minimize CO2 emissions

  • Enhance fleet safety

How to use OptiTire™?

For a wide range of commercial vehicles, OptiTire™ delivers continuous updates on tire pressure and temperature. Thanks to Transics’ TX-TRAILERGUARD or TX-TRAILERPULSE, OptiTire™ can deliver tire performance information to the back office in real time, allowing the dispatcher to support drivers on the road or schedule maintenance.

Combine with our other products

When combined with TX-TRAILERGUARD or TX-TRAILERPULSE, the OptiTire™ tire performance information is standard integrated into our TX-CONNECT back office platform. This integration enables a professional follow-up and exception-based management of your trailer fleet.



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