Trailer and Asset Solutions

Closely monitor your trailers, assets and cargo

Trailer and Asset Solutions are a family of trailer tracers offering different features, adapted to your trailers and assets. The connection with trailer peripherals (EBS system, door contacts, temperature sensors, cooling unit, data logger) and integration into the powerful TX-CONNECT back office platform result in an overall solution for truck, trailer, driver and cargo.

Real-time trailer, asset and cargo data

Connection to trailer peripherals and sensors

Integrated truck / trailer info at the home base

Why use Trailer and Asset Solutions?

With the Trailer and Asset Solutions, you intelligently visualise and process exhaustive truck, driver and trailer information in one all-embracing back office platform. The trailer tracers perfectly address all needs in trailer management, by offering info that ranges from simple track and trace functionalities to extended EBS technical data.

  • Reduced costs (penalties, breakdown, maintenance)

  • Optimise efficiency

  • Improve driving style

  • Effectively schedule maintenance

  • Care about the environment

  • Elevate overall safety and security standards on the road


Transics’ high-end trailer telematics unit, TX-TRAILERGUARD, can be connected to electronic door lock systems or OptiLock. This connection enables the dispatcher to receive the real-time security status (open, unlock, arm) in the back office. Moreover, the dispatcher can remotely lock and unlock the cargo doors via the telematics unit and he can even “secure” the locking system to prevent anyone (including the driver) from opening the cargo doors.

How to use Trailer and Asset Solutions?

After the installation of the tracers on the trailer and the back office set-up, the tracers start communicating in real time with TX-CONNECT, so planners at the home base can monitor everything that happens on the road.

Combine with our other products

Our Trailer and Asset Solutions are standard integrated into our TX-CONNECT back office platform. Thanks to this integration and its connection to trailer peripherals, the tracers enable a professional follow-up and management of your trailer fleet.


Truck, trailer and driver data now in one platform

Which new trailer solution works best for you?

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