Where the office meets the road

TX-CONNECT is a web-based back office solution that manages and displays real-time information from trucks, drivers, trailers and business partners. It enables interaction with drivers and visualisation of their activities. TX-CONNECT also offers historical views and reporting. Integration with other software applications guarantees further processing of your fleet data.

Web-based back office suite

Real-time and historical fleet data

Information exchange between office and road

Integration with other software


TX-CONNECT is the centre of all fleet management activities. It guarantees real-time fleet information, from departure to arrival. Moreover, the platform can be easily integrated into other software and reporting tools.

  • Exception-based fleet management

  • Fleet data in one user-friendly interface

  • Communication hub

  • Strong reporting capabilities

  • Extensive personalisation

Real-time freight search engine

Avoid empty trucks and find freight offers with the real-time freight search engine directly in TX-CONNECT. Valid for all customers with a freight exchange subscription. For more information, contact us.

How to use TX-CONNECT?

By integrating TX-CONNECT with vehicle peripherals and connecting it with other office software, the platform ensures a consistent management of all your trucks, drivers, trailers, cargo and orders.

As of April 1st, 2016 at midnight, a kilometer charge for trucks of more than 3.5 tons takes effect in Belgium. To support transport companies to comply with this new and other existing international toll road regulations, Transics provides a route calculator in TX-CONNECT that visualizes the detailed toll cost from your starting point to your end point.

Combine with our other products

TX-CONNECT is at the heart of our solution. It can be combined with all other products in our offer.

Technical specs

  • Application type: (Microsoft) ClickOnce
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 7 or later / Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later (provided that ClickOnce plug-in is installed)
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit / Windows XP SP2 or later / Windows Vista
  • Supported databases: Sybase / Oracle / SQL
  • Recommended PC hardware: 1 GB RAM – PIV 2.4 GHz processor – 1280×960 screen resolution – broadband network – 200 MB hard disk space




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