Increase fleet uptime with remote diagnostics

TX-DIAGNOSTIX enables a detailed and remote assessment of the technical health of any European truck brand. Co-developed with WABCOWÜRTH, a reliable diagnostics specialist for commercial vehicles, TX-DIAGNOSTIX reads out all fault codes, translates them into understandable language, then goes on to describe the root cause of the failure and even explains how the problem should be solved. The solution is fully integrated in TX-CONNECT, your powerful FMS back office platform.

Remote truck diagnosis

Supports all EU truck brands

Powered by Wabcowürth

Integrated in TX-CONNECT


TX-DIAGNOSTIX eliminates the need for time-consuming, manual readout sessions in the workshop. In fact, while your vehicles are on the road, the solution gives precise insights into your fleet’s health state, meaning you can detect anomalies or severe failures early on. This allows you to plan maintenance or repair ahead of time, already preorder spare parts and minimize the actual service intervention in the workshop. TX-DIAGNOSTIX reduces vehicle downtime by helping you remotely keep a close eye on the health of your trucks.

  • Avoid high costs of manual diagnosis

  • Optimize maintenance planning

  • Minimize service interventions

  • Increase vehicle uptime


Our industrial, diagnostics interface is connected to the truck’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) socket and reads out the fault codes, as they are generated by the vehicle’s electronically controlled technology. These data are forwarded via our TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 on-board computer to the TX-CONNECT back office platform.

Combine with our other products

One of our on-board computers will forward truck health data captured by the TX-DIAGNOSTIX interface to TX-CONNECT.

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