Speed up your paperwork in 3 steps: send, receive and archive

TX-DOC is a document management solution within the TX-CONNECT back office platform. It enables real-time exchange of transport documents between driver and dispatcher, while intelligently integrating them in back office applications.

Data communication beyond text messages

Two-way file exchange between driver and dispatcher

Integration in various back office applications

Auto-archive of documents and pictures

Why use TX-DOC?

The two-way document transfer between back office and truck guarantees smooth planning and administrative processes. It supports professional, proactive customer service.

  • Faster invoicing

  • Less paperwork hassle

  • Transparent communication

  • Better customer service

  • No detours for documents

How to use TX-DOC?

TX-DOC minimises the administrative hassle for drivers and dispatchers. A driver can fully focus on his planned routes, while the immediate availability of documents in the back office and for third parties simplifies communication flows.

Combine with our document scanner

In order to further optimise information flows on the road, use TX-DOC in combination with the Transics in-cabin document scanner. The TX-DOC solution is fully integrated into the back office platform TX-CONNECT.

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