Combine economical and ecological driving

TX-ECO is a brand-independent eco programme that objectively evaluates and stimulates driver performance on economical and ecological driving. The programme combines in-cabin driver tools, key performance indicators, driver scores and (trend) reporting. Its source are truck’s CAN bus data captured by the on-board computers. TX-ECO is fully integrated into the back office software TX-CONNECT.

Full eco programme

Objective evaluation of driving behaviour

Universal training and reporting tools

Why use TX-ECO?

To achieve sustainable results with an eco programme, a process of objective measurements, reports, driver incentives and coaching is needed. That is what TX-ECO is all about. By combining the different eco modules, you cannot only chart your fleet’s performance on various driving style parameters, but also identify “good” and “bad” drivers, follow up the results of a driver training, work on specific eco parameters and convince the drivers of their individual impact on fuel and wear and tear.

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission

  • Increase driver, vehicle and cargo safety

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Boost a green company image

Enhancing efficiency, increasing driver safety

Top Driver Eco Training, a pillar of WABCO Academy, provides customized and specialized eco driving training. The TX-ECO solutions maximize the impact of these Top Driver training sessions. The powerful combination creates the ideal basis for a new driving culture with considerable and long-term effects.

How to use TX-ECO?

TX-ECO consists of 5 different eco modules, each with their own focus and impact. However, the combination of several modules makes it possible to set up a professional and personalised eco project within your company.

Combine with our other products

TX-ECO is standard integrated into our back office platform TX-CONNECT. The source of the eco modules are the truck’s CAN bus data captured by our on-board computers.



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