Fixed or mobile? Find your perfect match

TX-FLEX is a mobile add-on for both the TX-SKY and the TX-GO 2 on-board computer. It is a driver app, running on an Android device. TX-FLEX facilitates all driver activities outside the truck cabin: barcode scanning, picture transfer, digital signatures, pallet information and problem reporting. Combined with TX-GO 2, TX-FLEX enables efficient planning follow-up. Data are synchronized via Bluetooth with TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 and sent to the TX-CONNECT back office platform for further processing.

Fit for ruggedized smartphones and tablets

Mobile driver app

Out-of-cabin activities and planning

Bluetooth and GPRS connection

Why use TX-FLEX?

TX-FLEX combines the advantages of a fixed solution with the flexibility of a mobile device. On the one hand, the on-board computer is a gateway of corporate-secure info such as tachograph data, driver activities, fuel consumption data … On the other, TX-FLEX allows the driver to be more flexible and supports him in completing his planning and specific out-of-cabin activities.

  • Easy-to-use driver app

  • Planning follow-up

  • Registration of out-of-cabin activities

  • Synchronized flow of vehicle and driver info

  • Driver management supporting their everyday routine

How to use TX-FLEX?

A driver logs on to TX-FLEX via a QR code on the TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 on-board computer. As from that moment, both are paired via Bluetooth.

TX-SKY steers the driver to his destinations and guides him through the planning. As soon as the driver leaves the truck cabin to finalize his order at location, TX-FLEX takes over. All app entries are synchronized with the on-board computer and can be double-checked with the home base. Meanwhile, TX-FLEX permanently informs the driver on his driving style and remaining driving and resting times.

While TX-GO 2 allows dispatchers to follow up trucks and drivers in real time, TX-FLEX acts as a driver interface for efficient communication between the driver and the back office. Serving as a mobile extension of TX-GO 2, TX-FLEX helps the driver to view & execute his planning and perform out-of-cabin activities like barcode & document scan, picture & document transfer, digital signatures, etc. Moreover, TX-FLEX also informs the diver on his driving style and remaining driving & resting times. The data are synchronized via Bluetooth with TX-GO 2 and sent to the TX-CONNECT back office platform for further processing from TX-GO 2 or also optionally from TX-FLEX.

Go for flexible FMS, discover your best match.

Combine with our other products

TX-FLEX is permanently synced with the TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 on-board computer and our TX-CONNECT back office platform. Maximize the potential of TX-FLEX by combining it with some of our other products, such as our platform for integration with existing 3rd-party software.

Technical specs

  • Designed for Android devices with a screen size of 320×480 / 480×800 pixels (MDPI / HDPI)
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection (up to 100 meters) with TX-SKY or TX-GO 2 on-board computer
  • No SIM card required
  • Pictures are stored on the device SD card
  • Smartphones and SIM cards are not included in the TX-FLEX offer

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