Optimize your fuel savings with Big Data analytics

TX-FUELCOMPASS is a software platform that provides a complete view of your fleet’s fuel and refueling costs. The solution accesses huge amounts of data from different sources and brings these “big” data sets together in transparent graphs and dashboard views. Combined with one of our on-board computers, TX-SKY or TX-GO 2, TX-FUELCOMPASS allows you to evaluate and improve your fleet’s refueling behavior without any extra or special hardware investment.

Big Data analytics

360° view on fuel and refueling costs

No extra hardware needed


TX-FUELCOMPASS leads to new insights on your fleet’s refueling behavior. Showing cost-inefficient refills from the past and suggesting best case refuel scenarios for the future with an indication of your savings potential, it will help to ensure cost reductions. TX-FUELCOMPASS complements existing consumption reports, driving style analytics or other ECO solutions to maximize your fuel cost savings.

  • Assess refueling behavior

  • Gain new insights to optimize costs

  • Refueling recommendations with savings indication


The web-based Big Data analytics application consists of five sections: Fleet, Trucks, Drivers, Refueling and Fuel drops. Each module analyzes and visualizes fuel consumption and refueling data from their specific perspective. Combined, these modules offer a 360°-visibility on your fleet’s fuel costs.

Combine with our other products

TX-FUELCOMPASS relies on one of our on-board computers for capturing specific data and does not require any extra hardware. TX-FUELCOMPASS and the TX-ECO programme for economical and ecological driving will complement each other without depending on each other. When combined, they will help optimize your fuel strategy.




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