Smart collaboration with your subcontractor and distribution drivers

TX-SMART is a driver app, designed for use on an Android smartphone. It is aimed at freelance and distribution drivers, who can launch the app on their personal phone or on an industrial PDA. And what makes TX-SMART a really strong tool, is its connection with the powerful TX-CONNECT back office software. Via this link, planners at the home base stay in touch with drivers on the road.

Driver app

Smartphone or industrial PDA


Subcontractor and distribution management

Why use TX-SMART?

TX-SMART is the easiest way to work together with your freelance drivers and drivers active in distribution transport. They only need to download the app and you can get started with a professional guidance and follow-up.

  • Fast information exchange

  • Out-of-cabin use

  • Simple and flexible

  • Free app download

  • Pay as you use

How to use TX-SMART?

As from login, TX-SMART starts communicating with TX-CONNECT, so planners at the home base can monitor everything that happens on the road.

Combine with our other products

TX-SMART is standard integrated into our back office platform TX-CONNECT. Maximise its potential by combining it with some of our other products, such as TX-TANGO, our platform for integration with existing software.

Technical specs

  • GPS-receiver needed for navigation and position follow-up
  • Designed for smartphones with a screen size of 320×480 / 480×800 pixels (MDPI/HDPI)
  • Smartphones and SIM cards are not included



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