Boosting your productivity through enterprise integration

The TX-TANGO Web service platform offers quick integration capabilities between Transics’ solution and other back office applications you rely on.

Open enterprise solution

Integration of familiar back office tools

Safe data management

Reduced software interfacing efforts

Why use TX-TANGO?

Boost productivity by seamlessly linking all familiar transport enterprise applications to the fleet management solution, avoiding double data entry and inconsistencies.

  • Automated info synchronisation

  • Use your data as you see fit

  • Avoid double data entry and mistakes

  • Comfortable set-up

  • Reduced labour cost

  • Future-proof technology

How to use TX-TANGO?

TX-TANGO Web services unite all software application data in intelligent building blocks. In this way, it allows your software partners to swiftly collect all relevant information from the Transics database, without needing profound technical knowledge. As a result, your personnel can work in their familiar applications, which interact directly with Transics’ solution.

Combine with our other products

The Web services-based platform TX-TANGO is integrated into our TX-CONNECT back office platform.



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