Pushing Trailer Telematics’ Boundaries

Designed to maximize connectivity on any type(s) of trailer(s) like refrigerated, specialty, or high-security, TX-TRAILERGUARD is a robust trailer telematics solution that optimizes trailer management. Besides track & trace, it also features EBS data, remote reefer management, connection to data logger and other trailer systems & peripherals like door-lock or tire-pressure monitoring systems. A rechargeable & long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted data availability.

Trailer telematics

Location – EBS Data – Reefer / Logger / Peripherals

Integrated truck and trailer at home base


TX-TRAILERGUARD pushes the boundaries of trailer telematics. It helps you optimize security for your cargo & trailers and improve general safety standards on the road. Maximum connectivity ensures operational transparency and simplifies trailer fleet management in virtually every situation.

  • Reduce costs (penalties, breakdown, maintenance) and maximize ROI

  • Optimize trailer safety, utilization and management

  • Effectively schedule maintenance

  • Reduce ecological footprint

  • Improve driving style


Transics’ high-end trailer telematics unit, TX-TRAILERGUARD, can be connected to electronic door lock systems or OptiLock. This connection enables the dispatcher to receive the real-time security status (open, unlock, arm) in the back office. Moreover, the dispatcher can remotely lock and unlock the cargo doors via the telematics unit and he can even “secure” the locking system to prevent anyone (including the driver) from opening the cargo doors.


TX-TRAILERGUARD is flexible to be installed in any required place of a trailer depending upon your use, but in normal cases close to trailer EBS under the chassis. After installation and the back-office set-up, the hardware unit starts communicating in real time with TX-CONNECT. As from that moment your planners at the home base can monitor and manage your trailers more efficiently.

Combine with our other products

TX-TRAILERGUARD is standard integrated into our TX-CONNECT back office platform. Thanks to this integration, connection to trailer peripherals and many other varied functionalities, TX-TRAILERGUARD ensures a professional follow-up and management of your trailer fleet.




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