Feel the pulse of your trailer

Designed to capture a maximum of data on trailers with limited electronics, such as curtain siders or box trailers, TX-TRAILERPULSE is a robust trailer telematics solution that supplies real-time location and rich EBS data to your TX-CONNECT back office software platform. Built on data collected from the trailer T-EBS system and TX-TRAILERPULSE, the web-based TX-TRAILERFIT portal provides insights into the technical performance and health state of your trailer park.

Trailer telematics

Location – EBS Data – Operating data recorder

Integrated truck and trailer at home base


TX-TRAILERPULSE puts your trailer use first! Real-time access to operational data in TX-CONNECT helps you to make smart decisions to manage and improve the daily utilization of your trailers. If you’re looking to optimize trailer maintenance and uptime, TX-TRAILERFIT is a must-have solution to follow up and evaluate trailer health from a distance.

  • Professional uptime management
  • Reduce the chance for breakdowns
  • Minimize vehicle downtime
  • Optimize maintenance and repair scheduling
  • Improve overall safety
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance


After the installation of the TX-TRAILERPULSE telematics device and the back office setup, the hardware unit starts communicating operational data in real time with TX-CONNECT. Tailored to the needs of technical profiles, TX-TRAILERFIT processes and visualizes the diagnostics code history as logged by the Operating Data Recorder (ODR).


TX-TRAILERPULSE is also separately available integrated within the RIO ecosystem. Available exclusively from RIO and independent from TX-CONNECT, RIO 4TX-TRAILERPULSE is the first solution offering from RIO that is capturing and forwarding location and basic EBS data via TX-TRAILERPULSE to the RIO Platform.

  • Find your trailer easy and fast
  • Answer to a position proof obligation

Combine with our other products

TX-TRAILERPULSE is standard integrated into our TX-CONNECT back office platform. Thanks to this integration and its varied functionalities, TX-TRAILERPULSE enables a professional follow-up and management of your trailer fleet.

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