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Connecting the dots with Goodyear

Keep your trailers on the road and well managed with Goodyear’s professional tyre services and ZF’s advanced Transics trailer management solutions. With a unique one-stop-shop fleet solution based on Transics’ TX-TRAILERPULSE on-board trailer telematics unit, ZF and Goodyear provide best-of-both-worlds products and services with interoperable solutions, reduced hardware, integrated customer support and a vast service network.


Goodyear premium tyres

Fit your fleet with premium tyres for maximum safety and performance

Choose from a range of more than 400 premium tyres, designed with high-quality materials and technologies to influence the wear and life span of the tyre.

Gain advice from tyre specialists to ensure your chosen tyres provide the desired safety, handling, fuel economy, and performance characteristics.

Goodyear premium tyre services

Keep your vehicles on the road with tyre support services

Goodyear’s Multiple Life Concept helps extend tyre life with regrooving and retreading.

Check tyre pressure and remaining tread in just a few seconds with Goodyear’s Drive-Over-Reader.

ServiceLine24h is there to get trailers moving again in an average of 2 hours if they have a problem.

A network of 2.000 TruckForce service locations across Europe maintain and repair tyres and advise on anything tyre-related.

Goodyear tyre pressure monitoring

Prevent incidents that lead to downtime with predictive tyre monitoring solutions

1. Data retrieval
On-rim sensors constantly measure the pressure and temperature inside of the tyres and transfer raw data via Transics’ TX-TRAILERPULSE.

2. Data analysis
Goodyear’s powerful G-Predict technology transforms these data into actionable and predictive information.

3. Proactive insights
Our web and mobile applications provide real-time alerts and reports to act before an incident happens.

ZF Transics trailer management solutions

Keep a firm grip on your trailer operations with advanced fleet management services

Thanks to TX-TRAILERPULSE, you can seamlessly access Transics’ digital fleet management services while still benefiting from Goodyear’s professional tyre solutions.

  • Gain real-time advanced location and EBS data to make smart decisions about the daily utilization of your trailers for professional and continuous follow-up and management of your fleet.
  • Remotely evaluate the technical performance and health of each trailer in real-time to further improve your trailer performance, maintenance, and uptime management.

Why team up with Goodyear?

Enriching Transics’ complete suite of Fleet Management Systems with Goodyear’s tyres and advanced tyre management solutions, ZF and Goodyear commonly offer road transport operators an all-new level of service, based on premium products and advanced data management.

2 global players

ZF and Goodyear are jointly meeting your challenges in fleet operations.

Best-in-class services

An extensive offer based on premium products and advanced data management.

1 hardware platform

Gain simplified access to a complete package of tyre and trailer solutions.

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