Transics customers win prizes at Transport & Logistics Awards 2014

Transics customers are applauded at the Transport & Logistics Awards 2014 that were held in Tour & Taxis, Brussels, on the 13th of February 2014.

In the first place, congratulations to Transport LUX for winning the “Transporter of the Year 2014” award. The second place was for another customer of Transics: AJ VEURINK.

For the Truck Safety Awards, 3 customers of Transics were awarded!
Glass Partners Transports has won the 3rd place. The second place was for Tanktansport ThysTransport Macharis has won the Truck Safety Award.

For the presentation of the Green Truck Award, 2 other Transics customers were awarded. VRD took the second place. Eric Mattheeuws Transport is the “greenest” company this year.