Transics Will Equip the Entire Commercial Vehicle Fleet of DISCORDIA, its First Customer in Bulgaria, With Advanced Fleet Management Solutions

Transics International, a full solutions provider for truck, driver, trailer, cargo and subcontractor management, will equip the entire commercial vehicle fleet of DISCORDIA, a Bulgarian provider of international transport services, with its advanced fleet management solutions (FMS). Thereby, Transics will further expand its reach in the European market.

Didier Nulens, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations Leader at Transics: “Headquartered in Sofia, DISCORDIA is a very agile international freight transport company, with a strong focus on operational excellence, built on partnerships with strategic suppliers. To meet their need for a uniform telematics solution, we will equip part of their multi-brand fleet trucks with Transics’ FMS. DISCORDIA is Transics’ first customer in Bulgaria, paving the way to further strengthen our market position in the Eastern European Region.”

Transics will supply advanced fleet management technologies to DISCORDIA, including TX-SKY and TX-CONNECT. TX-SKY is a fixed mounted on-board computer with a touchscreen. It is fully integrated into Transics’ TX-CONNECT back office software and connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus and tachograph. TX-SKY registers all truck and driver information as well as data from other sources, such as document scanners. As a secured gateway, TX-SKY enables the driver and dispatcher to exchange information in real time.

Hristo Hristov, President and CEO of DISCORDIA AD: “We searched for an advanced solution with full integration between our Enterprise Resource Planning and the telematics solution. We selected Transics, as their Web service platform allows us to quickly integrate our back office application with the fleet management solution. In this way, we can significantly increase our productivity utilizing one single platform.”

Starting now by equipping 20 new trucks, the installation process will continue over the next four years. In addition, DISCORDIA plans to invest in Transics’ driver app TX-FLEX, a mobile add-on for the TX-SKY on-board computer which facilitates all driver activities outside the truck cabin such as barcode scanning, picture transfer, digital signatures and customer comments, pallet information and problem reporting. The data streams are synchronized via Bluetooth with the TX-SKY and sent to the TX-CONNECT back office platform. Thus, the dispatcher can react and handle accordingly to this information in real time.

DISCORDIA is a transport and logistics company with operations in Bulgaria and Europe. The company has over 23 years of experience in the transport industry and is constantly expanding its activities. It is characterized by an innovative approach, striving to introduce new technologies and products, as well as a prominent ecological work model. Today, we operate a modern fleet, only Euro VI trucks, all of which reduce our carbon footprint and help to protect the environment. As well as being kinder to the environment, these trucks help us to make PPK efficiencies and therefore reduce costs.
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