TX-DASHBOARDS helps Belgian carrier Greg Transports S.A. increase productivity and profitability

Fleet management expert Transics notes how a growing number of logistics firms are choosing TX-DASHBOARDS to optimise their existing Transics solution. The assessment platform helps them define their strategic goals and benchmark these against the fleet performance, to then identify improvement opportunities. Walloon carrier Greg Transports, a Transics customer since 2005, has discovered the advantages of TX-DASHBOARDS. The assessment platform, launched by Transics last year, provides Greg Transports with a 360° view on its performance, which boosts both its productivity and profitability.

Greg Transports is a major player in Belgium’s logistics landscape. An ambitious player, too, which invests heavily to drive its growth. Proof of that ambition are the offices and the 5,000 m² warehouse, including a rail link, that are arising on a 14 ha site alongside the river Maas in Flémalle. A second 5,000 m2 warehouse will be built at a later stage. All the Greg Transports buildings feature the most advanced technology. As does the fleet: since 2005, Greg Transports has been using Transics’ fleet management solutions to support both its drivers and the personnel working in the back office.

The power of data

The on-board computers help the staff in the offices and in the operational centre smoothly communicate with the drivers, monitor their positions and keep track of driving and resting times. TX-CONNECT, Transics’ back office platform, takes care of data collection and consolidation and provides a real-time overview of the fleet data, from the moment the trucks leave the premises through to their arrival. As TX-CONNECT is seamlessly integrated into other logistics solutions, freight planning, billing and wage calculations go smoothly and quickly. At the end of 2013, Greg Transports decided to lift its collaboration with Transics to a higher level. “We strongly believe in the principle of “measuring is knowing”,” says managing director, Gavrilo Radanovic. “Transics helps us monitor data like, for example, fuel consumption. Yet, we wanted to take it a stage further and convert other fleet data into strategic information, by comparing the figures on different periods and visualising the results rapidly and clearly, etc. In short, we needed a kind of Business Intelligence functionality.”

Drive the ROI

Fully integrated into Transics’ TX-CONNECT back office platform, the TX-DASHBOARDS assessment platform allows Greg Transports to measure its performance, immediately visualise it in dashboards and trend reports and benchmark these against the corporate objectives. Performance criteria include the vehicle and driver performance, fuel consumption and customer services. Greg Transport can, for example, chart the drive/stop ratio, the distance travelled and the number of empty kilometres driven per day, for each vehicle. On top of that, the carrier knows, for each driver, the average service times per day and the number of driving and resting time infringements. Equally interesting are the details on fuel consumption and the duration of each driver’s stops, among many other data.

“We have been convinced for a long time that there is room for improvement, in all aspects. TX-DASHBOARDS – which is, by the way, a very user-friendly tool – helps us pinpoint weaknesses, extrapolate patterns and trends, compare vehicle and driver groups and identify improvement opportunities. In this way, we can significantly raise our Return on Investment (ROI), which is crucial for further growth.”

Established in 1976, Greg Transports specialises in national and international transport, airline trucking from Liège airport and combined rail / road transport. The company mainly focuses on intra-site transport for the industry in the region of Liège, as well as other regional transport.

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